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Yoga Burn Review – Does Zoe Bray Cotton’s Program Work?

yoga burn review

Yoga has become very popular in the recent past. More folks than ever before are doing yoga for health, fitness and mental peace. There are many kinds of yoga programs and it could be overwhelming to figure the best program to follow.

To help you overcome this difficult problem, Zoe Bray Cotton has come out with a program called Yoga Burn. She released this program just for women who are looking for a good yoga course that helps in losing weight

According to Zoe Bray, jogging, cross fit and other such activities can be too intense for most women. Whereas yoga is low impact and an easy type of exercise that you can implement at your own speed

Zoe Bray is a qualified yoga instructor, fitness expert and female body transformation professional. Yoga Burn is a 2-week yoga program for ladies, structured around a distinctive approach known as Dynamic Sequencing. It seems this approach helps in promoting natural and healthy weight loss.

According to Zoe Bray, women commit 3 grave mistakes when it comes to choosing a yoga program. Here are the 3 mistakes:

Mistake #1: Registering for general yoga classes

Zoe says the most yoga programs run by a fitness center or studio is a combination of individuals with different physical features and level of expertise. If you’re a first-timer performing poses that are meant for advanced yoga practitioners, you’re likely to get injured.

Mistake #2: Assuming that yoga classes will decrease stress levels and yield relaxation

In fact, the opposite holds true. If you have high levels of stress hormone cortisol, then your body will store more fat. And it seems practicing standard yoga poses just raises your cortisol hormones.

Mistake #3: Getting stuck performing the same yoga exercise poses or regimen repeatedly.

A quality yoga program should take into account your unique features and level of fitness. If this is not done then you won’t see great results.

Zoe Bray additional says that the only path to accomplish significant and steady results from yoga exercise is by executing a series of yoga poses that are created specifically for you personally.

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Basic Yoga Burn Review

Zoe explains that many of the issues faced by women led her to build a unique yoga strategy called Dynamic Sequencing. By using Dynamic Sequencing, you will find out the precise and correct poses, duration, and sequence to avoid workout plateau and build a much better feminine body.

To obtain better results out of this program, Zoe Bray split up the program into 3 phases. These phases comprise of follow-along video clips that illustrate the practical method to execute and combine the poses and sequences to increase the advantages of yoga.

The 3 Phases Of The Yoga Burn Program For Women

Phase 1: The Foundational Flow phase – this phase can help newbie’s and novices create a strong yoga basis, so that you can execute each pose safely and efficiently. You will also find out numerous strategic sequences and unique poses which will enhance your metabolism.

Furthermore, in this phase you will create a strong mind body connection to assist you to regulate your muscles, which are essential in the later on phases of the program.

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase – Right here, you will combine the poses in the first and second phases into exact sequences. These motions will improve your mood and remove your trouble areas.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow phase – This phase is about combining everything you discovered in the first and second phases. The sequence in this phase will completely ignite your rate of metabolism and present you stronger booties.

In order to decide whether if this product is good for you or not, you need to look at the pros and cons of this program.

Pros of Yoga Burn Program

  • This program utilizes poses which are not stressful or hard to perform. Whenever a yoga course is exhausting or draining, it triggers your body to discharge cortisol which really is a stress hormone. This tends to indirectly result in weight gain which is normally what you are attempting to stop.
  • This is certainly a yoga program targeted at women. It really is more precise and better suitable for a woman’s requirements. Weight loss for women and men are very different. Even though the strategies and techniques of weight loss do not change, the differences in male and female physiology call for different methods.
    Since Zoe is a female, she is completely conscious of how women should coach and what they have to do to lose excess weight fast.
  • The program is very well organized and includes 3 phases. Most yoga DVDs simply assume that you can do everything and don’t really show you step-by-step. Yoga Burn program will start with phase 1 which is the ‘Foundational flow’ phase. This will provide you with an excellent grasp of the essential yoga poses.
    yoga pose1
    Down the road, you will proceed to phase 2 which is the ‘Transitional flow’ phase. Here you will figure out how to go from one pose to some other in a smooth way. It is about accuracy and procedure. In phase 3, you will be improving your rate of metabolism with the ‘Mastery flow phase’. This phase will speed up your weight loss.
  • You will get 60 days to test this program. Should you be unhappy with this program, you have 60 days to get your cash back. The refund assurance makes this a risk free purchase.
  • Additionally you get 2 bonus products with the primary product – Follow along audio recording & the ‘Tranquility Flow’ sequence.
  • The exercises are simple rather than frustrating. The yoga burn videos are simple to follow and you will obtain the hang of it very quickly.


  • Yoga alone won’t enable you to lose pounds. You will in addition need an excellent diet plan that can help you to create a daily caloric deficit. Therefore, you will have to consume mindfully and perform yoga to be able to see good success.
  • Yoga Burn is much more cost-effective than most yoga programs. The reason behind this is that it is an electronic product which has no shipping charge. However, you will need a pc and an web connection to access this program. Not really a deal breaker, but nonetheless something you ought to know about.


Women who are looking to shed the surplus pounds by utilizing yoga can greatly benefit from this program. Actually speaking, this program is simply made for you.

It’s a 12-week program and it is lengthy enough to truly get you into proper shape. The training course itself is particularly directed towards weight reduction.

Some users of this program have rated this as one of the best yoga programs designed for weight loss for women.

Yoga Burn is ideal for newbie’s and since Zoe is a qualified yoga exercise instructor, you’re in safe and sound hands. Surely a program worth trying. You won’t regret it.

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