Thursday , 5 March 2020

Vert Shock Review – Does Adam Folker’s Program Work?

vert shock videosIf you are struggling with your vertical jump or if you already jump, but want to add more inches to your jump then you need some specialized training. The best of the world players need proper training to jump higher.

Adam Folker and Justin Darlington have come out with a new program called the Vert Shock that claims to teach you the steps to jump 3-5 inches in the first week and 9-15 inches after completing the 8 week training program.

Adam Folker is a professional basketball player who developed the jumping skills by doing hard work. Justin Darlington has been named the #1 dunker worldwide several times now. The learning’s and experience of these two guys has been used to develop the Vert Shock video course so that others can benefit.

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What Is Unique About The Vert Shock Program?

  • According to Adam Folker most other programs focus on over-training to achieve the additional vertical explosion.
  • The Vert Shock program instead uses breakthrough exercises to laser-target the Type II B fibers to exponentially increase the inches you add to your vertical jump each week. It seems this method involves less work and is highly effective.
  • Adam says that the key to a crazy-high vertical jump is to train your fast twitch fibers. And Type II B fibers are a sunset of the fast twitch fibers.
  • Further he says that this program makes use of the explosive plyometric training to give shock to the nervous system of the body so that you jump higher.
  • It seems bodyweight and plyometric exercises are scientifically proven to training your muscles and nervous system to jump higher.
  • According to Adam this program has been put together after years of hard work, training, meticulous testing, tracking and utilization of all the in game experience.
  • This program provides a 3 phased training. The first phase is called the “Pre Shock and lasts for a week. The second phase lasts for 6 weeks and is called the “Shock Phase” because this is when your nervous system is shocked so that you jump higher.
  • The third phase of Vert Shock program is the “Post Shock Phase” where all the learning’s from the previous weeks is burnt into your memory.

What Do You Get When You Buy This Program?

This program provides you step by step videos so that you see how to do everything frame by frame.

Along with the videos you also get a quick start guide, pre-shock phase workout plan, shock phase workout plan, post-shock phase workout plan and a vert tracker.

In addition to the above you will also get the following bonus reports:

  • BONUS #1: 4 Vertical Jump Killers
  • BONUS #2: 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher
  • BONUS #3: Weekly Check-Ins
  • BONUS #4: Jumper’s Diet Checklist

Pros Of The Vert Shock Program

  • The step by step videos make it easy for anyone to learn the exercises that will help you to increase vertical jump. You don’t need any extra equipment to do these exercises.
  • This program is beneficial to people who have never jumped and also to those who jump well but want to add inches to their jump.
  • Even busy people can benefit from this program because they will only need to spend an hour max four times a week.
  • This program provides you a smart way to increase your vertical explosion by using specialized explosive plyometric training to cut down the training time.


  • This program requires hard work and dedication for 8 weeks. Those expecting instant results are bound to be disappointed.
  • Too much of training can result in a muscle strain and therefore one needs to follow the schedule and refrain from overworking.

Vert Shock Review Conclusions

Based on all the testimonials and our research we found the Vert Shock Program to be giving valuable training.

Results will vary from person to person because several factors like personal compliance, hard work and overall general health will determine the success rate.

Those who follow the training videos and implement the steps do have a chance to increase their vertical jump by 3 to 15 inches.

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