Friday , 6 March 2020

Top 7 Home Remedies For Heartburn And Acid Reflux

home remedies for heartburn and acid refluxMore and more people are suffering from heartburn and acid reflux with each passing day because of the kind of diet we eat. Fast food, processed foods, alcohol, smoking, obesity, eating large quantity of food in a single meal and indigestion of fatty and acidic food are some of the factors that may cause reflux.

This problem occurs when the acid from the stomach travels backwards into the esophagus giving you a burning sensation in the back of your throat.

Heartburn is only a symptom of acid reflux wherein there is an acute burning sensation and discomfort in the middle of the chest when the acid from the stomach travels backwards into the esophagus.

If the problem of acid reflux is happening more frequently then you should definitely try out some home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux. This problem should not be left untreated as it can easily lead to other complicated diseases.

As this problem is mostly caused due to poor lifestyle and improper diet it is best to correct these issues by using home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux.

In this article I’m providing you some proven tips that have helped many people to overcome this problem successfully.

First and foremost you should avoid foods that lead to acid formation in the stomach. You should avoid processed foods, fast foods, packaged foods, canned veggies, frozen meals, alcohol, smoking, sodas, carbonated drinks and even coffee.

  1. Ginger is a great herbal product with anti-inflammatory properties that is good for treating gastrointestinal problems. You can take fresh ginger and cut it into slices and squeeze out the juice for direct consumption. Alternately you can mix ginger juice, honey and lemon juice to create a tonic that is good for indigestion problem. This tonic also provides a boost to the immune system.
  2. Another natural item that is effective for treating heartburn and acid reflux is Aloe Vera. If you have an Aloe Vera plant at home then you can squeeze out the juice from an Aloe Vera leaf and consume it directly. Alternatively you can but pure Aloe Vera juice without any preservative and consume it regularly by following the dosage details provided on product label.
  3. Consuming probiotic supplements is one of the best known home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux. Probiotic yogurt without any additives is good to have with each meal. This helps in restoring the flora of the digestive track.
  4. If you want to see a drastic change in your acid reflux condition then you should definitely consider having Lemonade. In fact you can start you day by having lime juice in the morning.
  5. One more of the home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux is raw unrefined apple cider vinegar. You can mix apple cider vinegar with water in 1 is to 3 ratio and drink it couple of times a day. If required you can increase the amount of apple cider vinegar to make it more effective.
  6. Juice made from green vegetables spinach and kale is considered to be alkalizing and highly effective for treating acid reflux and heartburn. Make sure to wash the green leafy vegetables before you use them.
  7. Fruits like banana and apple are considered to be extremely beneficial in proving pain relief for people suffering from heart burn. If possible try and eat fresh organic bananas and apples.

These top 7 home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux should surely help you to recover from this problem in case it is of mild nature.

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