Friday , 6 March 2020

Tips To Ease Symptoms Of Hand Eczema

hand eczema pictureThere are two types of hand eczema that are quite common. They are the dry form and the wet form. Also known as hand dermatitis, this problem affects women more than men.

As per one study almost 10% of US population suffers from this problem. Both internal genetic factors as wells as external factors like contact with detergents, irritants and allergens contribute towards the occurrence of hand eczema.

More About Dry Hand Eczema

The dry form of hand eczema results in dry fractured skin with some signs of cracks on the fingertips. If you’re involved in doing household works like cleaning, washing etc. then you may see worsening of the symptoms and a delay in the healing process.

People who are doing professional jobs like chefs, barbers and doctors who frequently wash their hands are more prone to getting impacted with dry form of the skin eczema.

Another factor that can worsen dry hand eczema is the weather condition. Dry and cold winters can worsen the situation more as compared to humid weather leading to more cracks on the skin surface.

Importance Of Moisturizer For Skin Eczema

One of the best ways to deal with this chronic skin condition is by moisturizing the skin properly. Drinking sufficient water may just hydrate the body but would not really make a difference to the skin eczema condition.

You’ll have to use a proper skin moisturizer to make the skin moist and heal the cracks. Since hand dermatitis is not of the itchy type, there is no need to go for steroidal hydrocortisone creams.

Any normal moisturizer should be good and can help in repairing damaged & cracked skin, moisturize the skin adequately and reduce irritation & hand rashes.

As we use our hands in various household jobs like cooking, cutting, cleaning etc. using a steroidal cream can possibly result in steroids getting rubbed with other surfaces. This can possibly have other side effects.

This is why it is highly recommended that you try to heal the dry hand eczema and the cracks on the skin surface using an intensive moisturizer before you go for prescription based steroidal creams.

More About Wet Hand Eczema

The wet form of skin eczema is different from the dry form and would normally lead to oozing, blisters and itchy rashes. The wet form of hand eczema is primarily triggered by irritants and allergens that you come in contact with. Therefore it is important that you closely observe the material you come in contact with on a daily basis.hand dermatitis

This will help you in identifying the triggering irritants and allergens. Once you know the trigger factor you’ll be able to prevent flair up of the condition by keeping away from the material.

For both forms of hand dermatitis it is important that you consult a doctor and take proper skin eczema treatment. Along with the treatment you can also make use of a quality moisturizer in order to speed up the healing process.

There are many good quality natural moisturizer products that are known to be highly effective for treating skin and hand eczema. And natural products are better suited for the human skin than any other chemical based product.

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