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The Ex Recovery System Review – Does Ashley Kay’s System Work?

ex recovery system ebookIf you are looking to get your ex-girlfriend back or if you want to get your ex-boyfriend back then it may be worthwhile to take a look The Ex Recovery System by Ashley Kay.

It seems The Ex Recovery System is a unique system that provides you specific tips and ideas to get your ex back based on your specific breakup scenario.

Ashley Kay herself suffered a breakup after having a strong relationship for six years. After the breakup she did extensive research on this subject by reading and viewing various dating & relationship guides and videos. Subsequently she was able to recover from the breakup.

Ever since then, she has been working with men and women who go through breakups to help them to mend relationships.

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What Is Unique About The Ex Recovery System?

The Ex Recovery System consists of guides, videos, audios, mind maps , quizzes etc. that have been created so that everybody’s individual requirements are taken care of.

Considering that relationship breakups are complex, it is important that every specific case is provided an individualized solution rather than one solution that fits all. And this is exactly what Ashley Kay has done.

In the recent past this program has been completely revamped in order to cater to specific needs of men and women separately. Not only will you learn how to get your ex back, but you will also come to know about the male and female psychology.

You will able in a position to better understand what’s going inside your ex’s mind and accordingly make your strategy to win your ex back.

You will be able to develop strategies and techniques that are unique to your situation. This is what differentiates the ex recovery system from most other products that provide a generalized solution for all situations and scenarios.

In the first two sections of the ex recovery system the author explains about why relationship problems happen and what led to the breakup. You will also come to know – the key steps to get your emotions under control, how to avoid some mistakes you did in the past and how to overcome the pain of breakup instantly.

The third section of the program is about developing a step by step plan to get your ex back. You will be developing your own individualized plan based on your particular situation. You’ll be using the appropriate tools to develop this customized plan.

The fourth section of the program is all about the best ways to take action and implement the plan you developed in the previous stage. This step is extremely important because you need to get your ex back before he or she starts dating someone else.

What Are Some Of The Key Techniques You Will Learn In The Ex Recovery System?

  • You will learn about the 4 Step Technique that helps you to overcome emotions and the pain of breakup.
  • You will find out about the 4 Critical Needs Of Relationship and how your relationship can fail even if one of these critical needs is not met.
  • You will discover about the 4 Breakup Personality types and the shocking truth it reveals about you ex.
  • You will learn the Resistance Eraser Technique that will help you to overcome any resistance and leave your ex speechless.
  • You will come to know the truth about No Contact Rule that no one is talking about. This is quite different from what you may be thinking.
  • You will learn about one Hot Button that will make your ex rethink about the breakup and an intense urge to get back together with you instantly.
  • You will learn the 3 steps to become an Ultra-Magnetic Babe (this is for women) so that your ex will simply not be able to resist you.
  • You will learn How To Use Sex Properly to reunite with your ex. You will know the exact steps to ensure positive forward movement towards reunion.
  • You will also discover the steps to Reignite Passion And Romance in your relationship. Some of the new habits you will learn will help to inject freshness and lust back into your relationship.

Pros Of The Ex Recovery System

  • This system helps you to develop an individualized strategy to get your ex back based on your particular situation. This is one of the uniqueness of this system
  • Every member of the ex recovery system is offered 2 weeks of coaching by Ashley Kay with an option to extend this free coaching based on needs and circumstances.
  • The tests and quizzes in this program make it an interactive one so that progress can be tracked for an individual. It becomes easy to find out where you are in terms of getting your ex back.
  • Ashley Kay offers a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.


  • Your time and effort will be required to read the manuals, watch the videos, develop a plan and implement it. This is not a quick fix to mend a broken relationship.
  • Some people may get a feeling of information overload because of all the manuals and videos that they will have to go through.

The Ex Recovery System Review Conclusions

Based on our research and all the testimonials for this program it appears that Ashley Kay’s program is unique and offers a proven system to mend broken relationships.

Relationship management is a complex subject and several factors will determine whether you’ll be able to win your ex back or not.

Those who go through this program and implement the developed strategy, do have a chance to get their ex back.

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