Thursday , 5 March 2020

The Brain Stimulator Method Review – Does Dr. Richard Humphrey & Professor Wilson’s Method Work?

brain stimulator method packageWe all know that human memory is important for normal day to day life. However, we also need to recognize the fat that memory power deteriorates with age. In fact some people have memory loss that leads to issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A surprising thing that not many people know is that your memory and brain can be kept in top condition by doing special exercises.

According to 104 year old Professor Wilson, using brain workouts, it is possible to remove the ‘Fog’ that starts to appear with age and recreate the focus that is so important.

Dr. Richard Humphrey a neuroscientist and Professor Wilson have actually developed an information product called ‘The Brain Stimulator Method‘ that reveals details of 30 brain workouts that are proven to work.

According to Dr. Richard Humphrey these workouts have been collected, analyzed and tested by Professor Wilson for the last 59 years.

Its seems the workouts in the brain stimulator method can help a person to reprogram the way the brain works and thereby get rid of forgetfulness, embarrassing senior moments and the fog that often clouds judgments creating confusion and chaos.

This information guide has already created a lot of buzz amongst people who want to improve their memory and avoid memory loss related problems like dementia. And this is the reason we decided to do a review of this information product for our blog visitors.

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What Exactly Is The Brain Stimulator Method?

This is an information guide in PDF format that has nine chapters and 123 pages of comprehensive information regarding, brain, memory, how exercises affect the brain, what happens when you don’t do brain exercises, how to boost brain power, how to prevent brain diseases and most importantly the thirty proven exercises for brain simulation.

The guide provides you details of different types of memory and how much information can be stored in them. It also gives the techniques to improve the different types of memory.

You will also discover details of various studies on memory and how problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s get developed.

You will find out details of various apps that can help to boost the brain power.

The guide gives you simple and easy steps that you can do on a daily basis that will help you to prevent the dreaded memory related diseases.

Lifestyle and diet play a key role in the functioning of the brain and memory. Inside the brain stimulator method guide you will get details of diet and lifestyle changes that are beneficial for you.

There is one full chapter that gives out the details of 30 exercises that help in boosting your brain and memory. These exercises can recondition the brain and memory with proper blood circulation and even repair damaged cells.

According to Dr. Richard Humphrey this is the only system you need if you want to prime your memory, sharpen your focus and also bring your brain back to life.

Pros Of This Method

  • This guide has been written in everyday language and is backed by proven and time tested science.
  • The exercises in the guide have already helped 39,000 people who have stopped forgetting things, become more alert and focused, as if they got a brand new brain.
  • You will just have to spend few minutes each day to perform these exercises. According to Dr. Richard Humphrey, in just two week’s time you should see a huge change in your memory functioning.
  • Along with the guide you will also get access to brain simulating subliminal soundtracks. It seems these soundtracks have been created by leading scientists in this field. These sounds help in simulating the brain and rebuilding of neurons.
  • The techniques in this guide are helpful for people who are just 30 years old and wish to retain their good memory and also for those who are 60 years old and want to regain the kind of memory they had 30 years ago.
  • Since the exercises and other changes recommended in this program are all natural, you can be sure that won’t experience any side effects.
  • When compared with the amount of money you will have to spend on conventional treatments for memory related problems, this is an inexpensive product.


  • The sales page for this product claims to reverse and prevent memory related issues in just 14 days. This may be a bit of hype and it may take a much longer time to see the real improvements.
  • People with memory related issues may find it difficult to read a 123 page book and assimilate all the information. It would have been much better if Dr. Richard Humphrey gave audio transcripts and a video version of the method.
  • Some of the lifestyle and diet changes recommended in the guide may not suit every individual. And therefore some people may not see the kind of results the guide is mentioning.

The Brain Stimulator Method Conclusions

Dr. Richard Humphrey and Professor Wilson have produced a good information guide on the working of the human brain and memory, with steps to boost, repair and improve both of them.

Many of the memory related health issues are complex and therefore many combinations of factors will determine the results you get by following this program.

However, those who read the guide and take the steps recommended in the guide, certainly they do have a chance to boost memory and brain power.

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