Thursday , 22 February 2018

Simple Tips For Purchasing Home Appliances

washing machineIn the modern world we use so many appliances on a daily basis. Talk to anyone and he or she would mention refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, grinder, air conditioner, dishwasher, heaters, dehumidifiers, hand driers and many others. These appliances give us comfort and make some of the manual jobs much easier.

With so many options and brands available for each of these appliances it becomes a challenging job when you go out to purchase an appliance. With technological advancement you also can get a lot of features. And of course, there is variation in the price also depending upon the technology and the features.

This is why it is important to consider a few factors when you go out to purchase an appliance. Here are some tips that you may want to consider during this process.

Refrigerator: Depending on the size of your family and the space you have inside your kitchen there are several options available. One of the most popular refrigerators is the top freezer model. Then you also have the refrigerators with bottom freezer.

If you are looking for convenience and efficient use of space then you can consider the side by side models. Then you also have the French door refrigerators which are a combination of the bottom freezer and side by side model. Let me tell you that French door refrigerators are normally much more expensive compared to conventional top freezer models.

Washing Machine: Again depending on the number of members in your family you will be deciding the capacity of the washer. You have the top loading models and also the front loading type. Some of the washers are semi-automatic and some are fully automatic with built in dryer. You should also consider features like wash cycles, water temperature, load sizes etc.

Freezer: If you buy a lot of meat and want to store it at home, then you may need a freezer in addition to a refrigerator. A freezer can also bulk store vegetables if you grow a lot of vegetables in your backyard. Some of the smaller model of a freezer will fit inside your kitchen. However the bigger models require more space and therefore you may want to keep the freezer in some other room or a garage.Refrigerator

Cooking range: You can buy a cooking range or an oven depending on your requirement. You can go for gas based or electric cooking range. It all depends on what type of cooking you do – whether you do a lot of baking or conventional cooking.

For conventional cooking you should make sure that your cooking range has a lot of burners. Some of the glass top ranges look very nice and are attractive when you visit the appliance showroom. However these glass top ranges have limited pots and one has to handle these with a lot of care.

Grinder / Juicer: If you grind and mix a lot of food stuff then you need a mixer grinder and a juicer. Some of the mixer grinders have attachments that can be used as a juicer. If you are only looking to make fresh juice every day then it is better to go for a plain juicer. However if you do a combination of things then you can go for a mixer/ grinder with attachments for various things like juicing, coffee grinding, batter making etc.

Dryer: You will need a dryer in addition to a washing machine if you have a semi-automatic appliance. Dryers are normally front loading type. Dryers of different capacities are available depending on the amount of clothes you plan to dry in one go. You may also want to look at other features like temperature settings and alarm system depending on your requirements

The life of your appliance will largely depend on the usage style. If you use the appliance with care by following the instructions that come along with the product then these products will work for a longer period of time without wear and tear or repair.

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