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Review of The Lost Book of Remedies By Claude Davis

the lost book of remedies

Tens of millions of individuals all over this planet drink a cup of chamomile tea before hitting the bed so that they can sleep well. This is because chamomile tea is known to induce sleep due to the calming effect it produces on your nerves. This is how a perfect herbal remedy works.

Most people don’t think about herbal remedies even in their dreams. We’ve become used to popping pills for most ailments and there’s a pill for nearly any and each malady you possibly can imagine. This is the reason opioid dependency is at an all-time high.

The Greek doctor, Hippocrates, once mentioned that the best form of medicine is the food you consume. He most probably meant that maintaining a healthy diet by consuming plants and herbs is the best way to boost one’s immunity and health.

You just cannot think of eating a cheeseburger to remedy an upset stomach. Nevertheless, a cup of ginger tea will most likely alleviate the problem in no time. That’s how powerful herbal remedies are.

Unfortunately, most men and women do not know about these pure remedies and searching for them is usually a hassle. In the last few years one book that has attracted a lot of attention is the lost book of remedies by Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian .

You may not have heard about the authors if you don’t search for books online. Those who surf the net would have seen these names being mentioned on several blogs that are about herbal remedies.

The Lost Book of Remedies has been selling pretty well and thousands of copies have been sold over the past few months and years. The sheer volume of sales reflects the popularity of this book by Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian.

In order to understand about the popularity of this eBook we decided to find out finer details and present it in the form of pros and cons for the readers of this blog.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Pros

1) The most important reason for the popularity of this guide is the comprehensive information provided inside 300 pages of this eBook. The compilation is so huge that you will discover just about any treatment you need for the most common ailments. You will not need any other book on herbal remedies once you have a copy of this eBook.

2) The authors, Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian are experts in their own areas and know what they’re talking about. The truth is, the official website has a video of Dr. Nicole talking and the presentation by her clearly reflects her command over the subject.

Very rarely you will find the product creators doing the sales presentation of their product. It’s all the time whiteboard drawings or images with voice overs or even cartoons. So, having the product creator speaking about the product makes every part look legit and above board.

3) The e-book provides detailed information in a step by step manner for all the recipes mention in the eBook. The plants/herbs mentioned in the eBook are easily available in a grocery shop. So, you need not be concerned about where to procure the herbs from.

4) The remedies in this guide can be utilized to deal with many types of common ailments like cold, cough, indigestion, hypertension, inflammation and several others. For each ailment multiple remedies are provided so that you can try and find out the remedy that works for you.

It is a well-known fact that one remedy may not work for everyone. For example, ginger tea may do wonders for one person and it may totally fail to produce results for another person. That’s just the way it is. This is why it is important to have wide range of recipes for each ailment.

Having a wide range of recipes offers you more choices to deal with the condition and see which one works for you.

5) The product is backed by a 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. The customer is totally protected by this guarantee. You possibly can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

herbal remedies for common man

6) The product is a digital download. You’ll be able to access it instantly upon payment. No waiting. You may be able to try out a remedy in just 15 minutes after purchase. That’s fantastic.

7) This product comes with 2 additional bonuses – The 72 Square Feet Garden of Medicine & The Disaster Medicine booklet. Both the bonuses are highly useful and since Claude Davis is a knowledgeable survivalist, you can rest assured about the quality of information provided in these bonus books

8) Many users have indicated that this product is certainly value for money. It teaches you how to heal yourself with herbal remedies, you’ll learn about nutrition, you will learn how to put together remedies. The information presented in the e-book is comprehensive, tried and tested.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Cons

1) 300 pages of content is a lot. This much of information may not be liked by many people as it may be a little overwhelming to many people.

The easiest way to manage this is to select and choose the remedies that interest you. Then you may try a few remedies and see how they work for you. There is no need to read the whole eBook from start to finish. You have to be selective and read only those parts of the eBook that are relevant for you.

2) There’s no audio guide accompanying the eBook. Those who dislike reading won’t be too pleased. The best way is to digest information in small chunks.

Should You Purchase The Lost Book Of Remedies?

There is hardly any other eBook with so much information and remedies for various ailments. This is a very complete resource that may almost be thought of as a bible for herbal remedies.

The creator, Claude Davis is a really skilled survivalist who really is aware of his stuff. His co-creator, Dr. Nicole Apelian is a certified biologist who has been featured on many popular History channels. These are renowned people in their respective fields.

The information presented in this eBook is to the point without any fluff. With present farming practices, our foods are usually cultivated on nutrient-poor soil. As a result, foods at present lack the vitamins and benefits that our ancestors used to enjoy.

Lack of nutrients in the foods leads to health issues these days. Herbal remedies help in booting your immune system and fill the gap produced by poor nutrient foods. You’ll not need to spend large sums of money on dietary supplements.

To see the real benefits of natural herbal remedies you need to make them part of your daily life. Don’t have them like regular medicines.

The Lost book of Remedies is much more than an eBook filled with information. It presents valuable lifestyle information. If you are serious about reclaiming your health and enjoy the natural advantages of herbs, this e-book is all you need.

Get the lost book of remedies and make herbal remedies a part of your life.

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