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Review of Skinnylicious Cooking Cookbook By Flavia Del Monte

Skinnylicious Cooking CookbookWhat you eat will determine your health and body shape. Eating junk food or fast food is one of the causes for weight gain and obesity. People eat fast food because they don’t have time to cook their own food or they really don’t know how to cook healthy food.

For those people who don’t know how to cook healthy and delicious food at home that can help them to burn fat and lose weight there is new information eBook called Skinnylicious Cooking by Flavia Del Monte.

This eBook promises to help you burn fat twice as fast and boost your metabolism by eating healthy foods. Inside this eBook you will find recipes for cooking healthy foods that can replace the unhealthy fast foods.

Flavia Del Monte is a registered nurse, certified trainer, nutritionist and an author of several bestselling books and training programs on health and fitness.

According to Flavia Del Monte, by using the recipes in Skinnylicious Cooking eBook you will eat healthy food without dieting or calorie counting. This means there will be no stress about the foods you eat and you can actually start enjoying life.

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What Is Skinnylicious Cooking Program?

This is a cookbook with 370 pages of information containing more than 150 delicious, fat burning recipes and menus

It seems these recipes are 100% free of gluten, wheat, soy and refined sugar. And the recipes will allow you to prepare items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, appetizers, salads, soups, dressing, sauces, shakes and others using natural items that can be purchased from a local grocery stores.

According to the users of this program, this eBook provides recipes for all types of people vegetarians, non-vegetarians, people allergic to dairy products, people allergenic to nuts and others.

The recipes in this guide help you to lose weight by eating delicious and healthy foods that boost the metabolism. You will not reduce your caloric intake in order to lose weight.

It seems most of the recipes can be prepared in 5 to 30 minutes and you don’t need any professional culinary experience to interpret these recipes.

The eBook even provides you steps to cook foods in bulk and information about storing and freezing foods so that it can be used for multiple days retaining good taste and freshness.

You will even find detailed cooking instructions, information about nutrition, yield amount, time to prepare, ingredients required, and cooking tips as part of each of the recipes. The information about nutrition can be really handy for people who are looking to lose weight.

Some of the other key things included in the Skinnylicious Cooking Cookbook are:

  • 21 nutrient dense foods that help in burning fat
  • Details of organic foods that you must buy
  • Details of cooking tools and essentials you need
  • How to store herbs so that they stay fresh for long
  • Information about meals that kids like
  • The simple 2 step process to cook crispy and mind blowing fish
  • How to cook the perfect meals your family will love to eat every time
  • And much more

What Do You Get When You Purchase This Product?

Along with the main 370 page Skinnylicious Cooking eBook there are several bonuses that have been included as part of the package. Here are the details of the bonuses:

  • Bonus1 : How To Make 15 Meals In 50 Minutes

This is a video that provides you the steps to prepare 15 meals in just 50 minutes starting from scratch. This is a follow along video that will help you to prepare items for the week ahead. This video also includes a 3 day meal plan.

  • Bonus2 : The 3-Step Skinny Solution Quick Start Guide

This eBook provides information to lose weight using a 3 step process that does not involve starving or counting calories. According to Flavia, if you follow the guidelines then you can lose more than 5 pounds in a just a week’s time.

  • Bonus3 : Ready To Print Recipe Quick Sheets

You don’t have to print the entire 370 page eBook each time you want to try a recipe. These ready to print recipe quick sheets help you to print the recipe you want. This will help you to save time and effort required to scan all the pages in the eBook.

  • Bonus4 :Ready To Print Weekly Grocery List

If you don’t have the time to write down the grocery list then you have ready help in the form of ready to print weekly grocery list. You don’t need to remember the list and you don’t have to spend more money buying stuff you don’t need.

  • Bonus5 : Lifetime Membership In the Flavilicious Fitness Community

This program provides you access to a membership forum where you can connect with others and share information. There are articles, recipes, videos and other stuff that can help and motivate you. This forum can help you in staying focused towards your health goals.

Pros Of Skinnylicious Cooking Program

  • This is an easy to follow cookbook that provides more than 150 delicious recipes. You don’t need to be an expert cook to understand the recipes. Any normal person can read and understand the recipes and the cooking instructions.
  • This eBook provides you healthy recipes that can burn fat two times faster by boosting your metabolism. This can be hugely beneficial for those looking to shed some pounds.
  • There are recipes included for everyone like vegetarians, people allergic to nuts, gluten free, diary free and others.
  • Most items for cooking the meals can be purchased from local grocery stores. You don’t need to order any special items.
  • This eBook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and therefore you may try it risk free.


  • This is not a diet pill but an eBook that gives you recipes of healthy foods that help to lose weight. You will have to cook the food by following the recipes to get the benefits.
  • With 370 pages of content, it can be quite time consuming to read such a big book. People who are not used to reading electronic eBooks may not like this product.

Skinnylicious Cooking Review Conclusions

Based on the customer testimonials and our own research, it appears that Flavia Del Monte has created a good information guide that provides delicious healthy recipes that help to burn fat, boost metabolism and lose weight.

To get the benefits of this program you will have to read the eBook and use the recipes to cook healthy and delicious food. Your weight loss results will depend on your cooking efforts.

To find out if the recipes are effective for burning fat and losing weight, it would be best to try it out yourself.

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