Friday , 6 March 2020

Reverse My Disease Today By Ken Drew and Dr. Patel Reviewed

reverse my disease today guideIf you want to be Diseaseless and feel young again without consuming pills and medicines then you need a natural solution that treats diseases. This is exactly what Ken Drew and Dr. Patel are providing in their new guide called Reverse My Disease Today.

According to Dr. Patel, who is a 102 year old doctor, who specializes in alternative medicine, many of the chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart problem, Alzheimer’s and even cancer are caused due to inflammation inside the body.

This inflammation is normally caused due to problems inside the gut. Dr. Patel refers to this as ‘gut dysbiosis’ or ‘burning belly or ‘inflammation in the gut’. It seems over 200 million people have inflammation in the gut and actually don’t know it.

Further it seems the Reverse My Disease Today guide provides you a natural solution that does not involve dieting, doing any rigorous exercises, expensive surgeries, expensive medical tests or taking medications that cause side effects. It seems you can become disease less by eating most of the foods you enjoy and without making any big lifestyle changes.

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What Exactly Is Reverse My Disease Today?

This is a guide that provides you step by step, easy to follow instructions for treating chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer etc. in the comfort of your home using natural protocols.

According to Dr. Patel many of the illnesses people have is caused by food allergies. It seems there are some food allergies that cause instant reaction like – consuming shellfish and slipping into coma or kids eating peanuts and their throat closes leading to breathing problem.

The second type of allergy Dr. Patel refers to is called the hidden allergies that do not cause immediate reaction. The hidden allergies are caused by consuming certain foods regularly, leading to inflammation in the intestines.

It seems, once there is inflammation in the intestines it leads to massive inflammation in the gut caused by trillions of bacteria. This can cause damage to lung, heart, kidney and several other organs. Dr. Patel further claims that almost 9 out of 10 of all the chronic diseases we suffer from are caused by a leaky diet.

Ken Drew and Dr. Patel’s guide provides you the steps to correct the inflammation in the gut by identifying the food allergens that are causing this problem for you.

And it seems once the inflammation is corrected, most other health problems automatically regress due to the natural healing power of the human body.

What Are Some Of The Key Things You Will Learn From This Program?

  • You’ll learn about 5 cardinal symptoms that you cannot afford to ignore.
  • You’ll discover as to why more symptoms you have, higher is the chance that some secret, hidden food allergy is the root cause.
  • You’ll find out all about what “Day Flu” really is and why you don’t catch it, you eat it.
  • In the elimination phase, Dr. Patel teaches you how to identify foods that may be secretly causing damage and how to stop potential damage.
  • In the reintroduction phase you will learn about foods that are safe and also the foods that can cause harm, by using a special method called ‘split testing’.
  • You will also learn about certain foods that heal the gut that should be part of your diet starting immediately.

Pros Of This Program

  • Reverse My Disease Today is written in simple and easy to understand language that anyone can follow.
  • There are no medical jargon, no technical stuff, and no big lifestyle changes. You don’t need any medical knowledge to implement the steps given in the guide.
  • You will feel years younger in just a few days, bursting with energy and ready to take on the world.
  • You’ll save money on medical testing and doctor visits. Also you don’t have to purchase expensive medicines every day.
  • You’ll be able to help your family as and when they need it. Plus you’ll be able to enjoy life with family and friends.


  • Not 100% of all the chronic diseases are caused by inflammation in the gut and therefore this treatment may not work for all health problems.
  • People with terminal illness will find it tough to make up their mind to follow this treatment plan.
  • Those who do not like reading books may not find this guide suitable.

Reverse My Disease Today Review Conclusions

After doing some basic research about this product we found that Ken Drew and Dr. Patel’s guide provides good information for healing your gut and stopping the inflammation in the gut.

Therefore people with and without chronic diseases can both get some useful information from the guide. As with any treatment program, nothing can be guaranteed. Some people may benefit from this program and some others may not.

Those who read Reverse My Disease Today guide and implement the steps do have a chance of treating chronic diseases that are caused due to food allergies and inflammation in the gut.

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