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Rapid Reflux Relief Review – Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow’s Program Accessed

Rapid Reflux Relief eBookDid you know that the real cause for the acid reflux problem that you may be experiencing has nothing to do with the foods you eat or the acid build-up in the stomach or problems with your lower esophagus?

According to Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow the root cause for acid reflux and heartburn is not the food you eat but rather a bacterium called H. Pylori inside your stomach that is causing this problem.

Further they explain that it is possible to get rid of this bacterium in a safe and natural way and get permanent relief from this problem in the comfort of your home.

It seems the steps required to get permanent relief has been provided in the information guide called the Rapid Reflux Relief by Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow.

According to Nick O’Connor more than 60% of Americans have the bacteria H. Pylori and this is responsible for problems like stomach ulcers, stomach cancers, heartburn and acid reflux.

And because this bacterium spreads through the gut, therefore it also can cause cancer in other places like intestines, colon, throat, prostate and esophagus.

It seems by eliminating H. Pylori using the method given in Rapid Reflux Relief guide it is possible to reduce the chances of getting several forms of cancer and also get complete relief from acid reflux and heart burn.

Nick O’Connor says that you can be sure that you will not experience another acid burp, burning throat, stomach ache, stomach ulcers or any other symptom of heartburn once you implement the solution outlined in the guide.

I’m sure you must be wondering as to how come a natural treatment can provide a solution when medicines, lozenges and even diet plans have failed to provide positive results. And this is why we decided to find more details about this program and present it in this review.

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What Exactly Is Rapid Reflux Relief Program?

  • This is an information guide that provides you the information to get permanent solution for heartburn. This guide gives you the steps to address the root cause of your acid reflux problem.
  • You will come to know how to mix 5 natural chemicals together in such a way that it systematically seeks out and destroys the H. Pylori that is responsible for heartburn.
  • It seems these 5 natural chemicals have been scientifically proven to destroy H. Pylori in the human body. In fact a research conducted at Johns Hopkins University lab has confirmed this.
  • You will also get a list of food items (fruits, vegetables, teas, oils etc.) that contain these chemicals required to destroys H. Pylori. Additionally you will also know about the ideal way to combine these foods and mix them to get the best possible results.
  • Since there are many food items, oils, beverages and supplements that contain these chemicals the guide also gives you several combinations for mixing these food items. This makes sure that you are not dependent on handful of items to mix.
  • The rapid reflux relief guide provides information regarding portions of the mix to be consumed and the best time to consume them.
  • Once your gut becomes free of H. Pylori bacteria it goes off forever permanently. However as a preventive measure you can have the mix once or twice a year as a maintenance routine.
  • Although one will normally see reduction in heartburn in just 24 hours after following the steps outlined in the guide, however the guide recommends that you follow the plan for full 3 weeks to get the best possible results.

Pros Of This Program

  • It is a simple any easy guide to follow. One just needs to mix 5 ingredients together in a certain way and proportion to make the solution. You will just have to follow the natural treatment plan for 21 days to get complete and permanent relief.
  • You will be able to procure all items required from a grocery store. This solution for heartburn is also inexpensive. Supplies for full 3 weeks will cost you about 20 dollars only.
  • Since the hidden killer bacteria H. Pylori spreads through the gut it has the potential to cause other types of cancers including the colon, the prostate, the throat, the intestines and the esophagus. By following the solution given in this guide you will reduce the chances of all these cancers.
  • After following the solution given in this guide you will never again have to buy antacid or any other medicine. Also you don’t have to avoid your favorite foods due to the fear of heartburn getting triggered again.


  • Natural solutions will not give you instant results. Those who want to benefit from this guide will have to follow the steps for full 3 weeks.
  • Since cancer of the stomach and other organs like colon, throat etc. is a complex and critical problem one should consult a doctor and not depend on this solution as the primary course of treatment.

Rapid Reflux Relief Review Conclusions

Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow have produced a good information guide for treating heartburn and acid reflux based on scientific data and analysis.

More than 100,000 people have benefited from this information and this is enough testimony for the solution they are providing.

However since every individual is different and there may be differences in the way they implement the solution, result will also vary. Some people may get good results and some others may not. This is the case with most treatment options and one should keep this in mind.

Those who purchase the guide and implement the steps do have a chance of benefiting from the provided solution.

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