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Psoriasis Revolution Review – Does Dan Crawford’s Program Work?

psoriasis revolution ebookA chronic skin problem that affects a large number of men and women worldwide is psoriasis. People who suffer from this problem may experience red and itchy patches on the skin with silver colored scales.

Normally the skin of a sufferer would alternate between periodic flares and periodic remissions. The severity of this problem can be anywhere from being just annoying to totally disabling condition.

If you or anyone close to you is suffering from this problem then it is important that you get proper psoriasis treatment at the earliest in order to avoid any further skin complications.

People who have been struggling with medicines that only provide temporary relief can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Dan Crawford, a former sufferer of this problem has come out with an information guide called psoriasis revolution that claims to provide a scientifically tested and clinically proven method for getting permanent relief.

Dan himself suffered for 27 years before he got cured completely. The solution provided in his psoriasis revolution eBook is a result of 12 years of extensive research and testing.

In fact Dan combed the internet and scanned hundreds of books searching for a solution before a friend provided a method that worked for him.

Only after thousands of men and women got relief by following his protocol, Dan released the solution to public in the form of a guide.

A permanent solution to this terrible skin problem can bring smiles to lots of people if it really works. And that’s why we decided to find out more details about this product for our blog readers.

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What Is Psoriasis Revolution?

This is a 250 page information guide that presents all the steps required to get permanent relief from psoriasis using natural holistic methods.

It seems the guide provides details of holistic and permanent treatment for this problem and not a one sided remedy like many of the creams, lotions, photo chemotherapy, laser treatments, corticosteroids and others provide.

It seems the treatment methods given in this program does not make use of any drugs and medicines and are therefore safe, effective and proven methods for treating psoriasis.

According to Dan, the holistic treatments given in psoriasis revolution guide will provide relief from burning sensation and itchiness from the scales and plaques in just 24 hours. And in just 7 days the scales and plaques will begin to fall off and fade, and will be completely gone in 2-3 week’s time.

Further, he says that in 5 to 8 weeks all the symptoms of psoriasis will vanish and other health problems like pain in the joints, lower back pain, dandruff and immune system related health issues will also disappear completely.

People who have used this guide for treatment claim that it focuses on 3 key areas. Firstly the guide helps you find out the root cause of the problem that is causing skin flares and scaling. This analysis is specific to every individual because each person is different.

Second is about the current treatment methods and why they are unable to provide permanent relief to you.

And finally you will find out the best proven method that is customized for you so that you get permanent relief using natural and holistic treatment.

Pros Of Psoriasis Revolution Program

  • This is easy and simple to follow guide that gives you the steps to identify the inner problem that is causing psoriasis breakouts. After identifying the real causes you will come to know about a natural, safe and holistic treatment method that will offer permanent relief.
  • To understand all the details in the guide you don’t require any information or knowledge about human anatomy, psychology, or medical terminology. The guide is written in layman language and anyone can read and follow the instructions.
  • The treatment methods provided in this guide are based on the experience of a real person who did all the ground work for 12 years before coming up with this guide that offers the methods. Since the guide provides natural methods of treatment, you will not experience any side effects.
  • This guide provides you methods that are not difficult and demanding. You will have to implement steps that are easy to incorporate in your lifestyle without any major changes.
  • Dan offers FREE professional private email counseling and support for subscribers of this program. This means you can correspond with Dan and get all your questions answered by him.
  • It seems the Psoriasis revolution eBook is undated constantly so that it has all the latest and best information for treating this problem. People who have purchased this program will get lifetime updates free.
  • This guide comes to you with a solid 60 day money back guarantee.


  • You need to remember that this is an information eBook that provides treatment methods. Just purchasing the guide will not cure psoriasis for you. You will have to read the eBook and then implement the steps in the eBook.
  • Natural treatment methods are normally holistic and effective but are also extremely slow in giving you the results. You will have to stay committed and persistent for the results to show up. Those who want instant results will be disappointed.
  • Natural treatment protocols are based on diet and lifestyle changes along with use of natural ingredients. Therefore you should be prepared for some changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Psoriasis Revolution Review Conclusions

We scanned many of the user testimonials and also did some other research and found out that many people have benefited from the guide written by Dan Crawford. This guide provides comprehensive information about psoriasis.

However, since every individual is different, the treatment methods in this guide may work for some individuals and may not for some others. That’s how most of the treatments are.

Best way to find out if Dan Crawford’s guide can help you to get rid of psoriasis is to buy the guide and implement the treatment protocol perfectly.

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