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More Than Just Friends Review – Does Rebecca Mercy’s Method Work?

more than just friends ebookIf you have been struggling to get out of the friend zone with a man that you want to have relationship with, then there is some good news for you.

Rebecca Mercy has come out with her new e-book called More Than Just Friends that claims to provide a method to turn a non-romantic relationship where you feel a certain way about him, but he sees you as a friend, into a romantic relationship.

Rebecca Mercy is a well-respected author who publishes no-nonsense dating advice. She has published several popular relationship books including More Than Just Friends.

According to Rebecca, to make him want to a relationship with you is not only just simple, but something you can do right now to make him see you in a romantic way instantly.

Further, she says that when you follow her plan it will help to spark interest in his mind and force him to see you in a romantic way thus inspiring him to commit to you and make you his girlfriend. It seems the plan works even if he has already told you that you are just friends.

These are tall and fat claims by the author and therefore we decided to do a review about this e-Book so that other women can benefit.

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What’s Unique About More Than Just Friends Program?

The real unique thing about more than just friends guide is the fact that this is the only program that turns the tables on a man, making him want a relationship just as much as you do, so that he bends over backwards to make you his girlfriend and thinks it was his idea.

It seems other programs offer generic, general advice that does not work in the real world. And more than just friends offers powerful, precise and laser targeted advice that helps you to get out of the friend zone and into his arms as soon as possible.

It seems this program targets hardwired psychology that all men share and this will determine if he wants a romantic relationship with you.

Another important thing about this program is the fact that it works even if you think he’s not your type, even if you are worried that he is going after younger or prettier girls, even if you think that he sees no relationship potential and even if you think that he is never going to give you a chance romantically.

Pros of This program

  • Rebecca’s step by step plan is easy to follow and implement. The e-Book is written in simple English so that anyone can follow. There is no jargon or technical terms used in this e-Book.
  • The plan given in this eBook has already helped lots of women in developing a deep romantic relationship with men who considered them as just friends in the recent past.
  • Rebecca’s plan works even if he has rejected you in the past, even if you’re not his type, even if you’ve not had much success with men in the past, even if you’re not all that attractive, even if you have couple of extra pounds to lose, even if you are not confident with men, even if you’re worried that you are stuck in the friend zone for ever and even if you think that you’ve tried everything and have practically given up.
  • Rebecca’s program comes with 60 day money back guarantee.


  • As women age, they become increasingly disadvantageous in comparison to younger women. Therefore this method may not work if age is not on your side.
  • Women will have to read the e-Book, understand the method and then implement the method to get success. Just having the e-Book will not do any magic for you.

What’s Included As Part Of More Than Just Friends Package?

Along with the main More Than Just Friends e-Book in PDF format, Rebecca has included a couple of bonus e-Books to further help women to come out of the friend zone.

Bonus 1Flawless Diamond Secret – Have his heart even if you are not his type. This will make the man you want to have relationship with to see you as his perfect woman. You’ll also find the 3 real things that friend zone to relationshipevery man is desperately looking for in a woman.

Bonus 2Undercover Romance – How to get out of the friend zone with the man you want without facing rejection, embarrassment or spoiling the friendship. You’ll also learn about the mistakes women make when trying to turn friendship into relationship.

More Than Just Friends Review Conclusions

After doing our research about this e-Book we found that Rebecca Mercy’s eBook does offer some good help to women who are looking to develop a relationship with a man by getting out of the friend zone.

Relationship management is a complex subject and several factors determine success.

Women who read and follow Rebecca’s plan, do have a chance of getting out of the friend zone and into the loving, devoted and committed arms of the man they want more than anything.

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