Thursday , 5 March 2020

Magnetic Messaging Review – Does Key Lock Sequence Work?

magnetic messaging ebookIf you have the telephone number of a girl you want to date but you are not sure how to get started with texting her then Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge could be a handy product to have.

It seems the Magnetic Messaging eBook provides some unique methods for texting a girl that can easily lead to a successful first date or a meet up.

In fact we saw this product being discussed in a few PUA forms and that is why we thought it worthwhile to write this review.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are well known in the men’s dating world and PUA community forums.

According to Bobby Rio when you have a girl’s phone number, you need to quickly establish contact within a short time window. And when you do this you can actually end up meeting her, or develop a relationship and in some cases even have sex.

Further he claims that his Magnetic Messaging eBook provides the exact sequence of text messages that can produce amazing results like a meet up or a relationship. Bobby Rio calls this message sequence a ‘The Key Lock Sequence’.

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What Exactly Is Magnetic Messaging eBook?

This is an 85 page PDF document that you can download immediately after payment. The book has 6 parts and various aspects are covered like – when to text a girl, what to text, how to get her excited for the first date, having the first date, how to keep the relationship sizzling, managing the second date, how to begin sexting, what to text a girl you just slept with, keeping the spark in relationship and much more.

The secret texting method in this eBook is called the Key Lock Sequence. This sequence is about sparking an emotion, making a connection with her and making her think about you sexually. It seems this sequence has produced amazing results for lots of men.

The eBook also provides you critical mistakes that you should avoid while speaking to a girl or when sending text messages.

Pros of Magnetic Messaging Guide

  • This eBook provides you step by step instructions to text a girl once you have her phone number. It provides details of the 3 step process that works almost always.
  • You’ll also learn the details of critical texting mistakes that can jeopardize your dating possibilities.
  • The package also provides you 99 texts that are proven to work. You just need to use these texts properly to get your first date.
  • Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have a lot of experience as pick up artists and therefore you get some of best tips and ideas from the PUA community.
  • Magnetic Messaging eBook has a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • The eBook has 185 pages of content and many guys may find it difficult to read so much of content.
  • The eBook does not provide details about the frequency of text messaging and this can be important at times.


If you are looking for dating advice from the experts in the PUA community then this eBook has all tips and techniques that Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have experienced in real life.

If you use the text messaging secrets shared in Magnetic Messaging eBook you are only going to improve your chances of attracting hot girls and even total 10s.

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