Thursday , 5 March 2020

Heart Revitalized Review – Andrew Dillard And Dr. Westpal’s Program Reviewed

heart revitalized bookIt is a well-known fact that bad cholesterol is one of the main reasons for causing heart diseases. This is why people who wish to maintain good health go for foods that have low cholesterol or no cholesterol at all.

However several research studies have indicated that almost 75% of the cholesterol in the human body is produced inside the body itself.

And it seems this is the reason many people are unable to lower cholesterol levels in the body in spite of eating foods that have no cholesterol at all.

For those who want to lower cholesterol levels and understand the real reasons behind heart attacks, Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westpal have released an information guide called Heart Revitalized that provides information on this subject.

According to Andrew Dillard, more than 37,000 Americans have utilized the information provided in Heart Revitalized guide to eliminate the risk of heart attacks and actually revitalize their heart.

Considering the fact that millions of individuals suffer from heart diseases all over the world, we decided to gather more information about this guide and present the facts on this blog.

What Exactly Is Heart Revitalized Program?

  • This is an information guide that provides you information for reducing the risk of heart attacks and other associated disease by almost 95 % within a period of 3 weeks.
  • According to Andrew Dillard the information in this guide helps even if you currently suffer from heart disease or have suffered a heart attack in the recent past.
  • The guide provides you step by step instructions to get rid of bad cholesterol in the body, reverse the damage caused to heart tissues and restore health of your heart.
  • It seems when bad cholesterol gets flushed out, then good cholesterol will circulate throughout the body and repair damaged cells and arteries, unclog the blood vessels and power the heart cells so that they can rapidly regenerate.

What Will You Learn From This Guide?

  • The heart revitalized program teaches you basic and all natural heart-healing principles that are known to be highly effective.
  • In the guide you will find the list of foods, grouped under various categories like proteins, carbohydrates, salts, and sugars that help in production of certain enzymes in the liver. It seems these enzymes help in breaking down the excessive cholesterol produced by the liver.
  • The guide also provides you a list of foods that you need to avoid. When you take a look at this list, you will be surprised how many of the fruits and vegetables that were considered good actually suppress enzyme production by the liver.
  • You will get instructions to combine the foods from each of the groups / categories in order to generate a diet that will help in maximizing the production of enzymes in the liver.
  • The guide provides you information about the portions of food combinations that you need to consume every day in order to flush out bad cholesterol and repair a damaged heart.
  • To get the best results you will also need information about when to eat these food combinations. The guide provides you this information also.

Pros Of This Program

  • This is an easy to follow program that works for people of all age. It helps in reducing the risks of heart attacks, strokes and other types of heart-related diseases.
  • It’s a natural treatment method without the use of any medications or drugs. You won’t require a prescription from a doctor and neither will you pay the doctor fee.
  • With this program you will not be severely limiting the consumption of foods. You will be eating the foods that you love and that are healthy for you. You would be elimination certain foods that are anyway harmful for you.
  • When you follow the steps in this program you will be able to flush out bad cholesterol in your body in as little as 17 days.
  • This is an inexpensive treatment option to follow compared to the $100,000 that you’ll have to spend in case of a heart attack.
  • Andrew Dillard is offering 60 day money back guaranteed for this program.


  • Although the program claims to produce results in just 17 days, however not everyone may get this kind of result.
  • This program requires you to give up certain foods that are harmful for your body. Some people may find their favorite food in the list of unhealthy foods.
  • Patents with critical heart-related issues should consult a qualified doctor and not limit themselves to this treatment option.

Heart Revitalized Review Conclusions

Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westpal’s information guide demystifies a lot of information about the connection between cholesterol and heart disease.

Independent testimonials from scores of people suggest that the information in this guide does produce results.

However we need to recognize the fact that heart disease and cholesterol are complex health issues and results from treatments would have variations.

Best way to find out the effectiveness of the solution provided in this guide is to try it out yourself.

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