Thursday , 22 February 2018

Health Benefits of Yoga

You may have heard from some people about the health benefits of yoga or perhaps you have practiced yoga and discovered that it makes you feel good. If you practice yoga regularly then you may experience both mental and physical health benefits of yoga. In this article I’m going to explain some of the health benefits of for health

One of the first key benefits that you can achieve is body flexibility. With age and limited mobility many parts of the body become stiff. If you practice yoga exercises then it is possible to restore flexibility to parts like the hip, back, shoulders etc.

Yoga exercises also prove help in increasing the strength of your body because some of the exercises may require you to bear body weight. This in turn also helps in toning the muscles in your body.

These gentle yoga exercises have helped many arthritis sufferers to reduce or even eliminate joint pain completely.

Many people have got relief from back pain caused because of being seated in one position for long periods or maybe due to driving a vehicle for a long duration regularly.

There are many other ailments where yoga asana can be used effectively to get relief in a natural way.

Yoga breathing exercises are also highly beneficial for correcting many health problems that are caused to poor blood circulation and limited supply of oxygen to cells.

Yoga teaches you the proper way to perform deep breathing. When you perform deep breathing exercises regularly, oxygen supply to all the body cells improve. This results in improved functioning of all the body parts.

These breathing exercises also help in clearing congestion in the nasal passage, calm the nerves and provide relief from allergy and more.

Yoga meditation exercises are extremely helpful for people suffering from anxiety problem. Meditation and breathing exercises are also used by people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Stress and anger management is one more area where yoga has been found to be beneficial. The focus and concentration required to perform yoga exercises makes you forget about your worries and fears and hence providing much required stress relief.

Yoga along with proper diet can also help you to shed some pounds and get in shape without spending money on expensive exercise equipment, diet pills and supplements.

Yoga also helps in getting rid of toxins and impurities from your body. Some of the exercises really make you sweat and thus toxins and impurities are thrown out of the body along with sweat.

Yoga has also been found to be beneficial for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The exercises help in controlling blood sugar levels.

Diabetes patients with nerve damage can improve the functioning of the nerve by performing yoga. Improved blood circulation due to yoga helps in improved in nerve functioning.

According to a study conducted by University of California even menopausal women who performed yoga regularly for few months have experienced reduction in hot classes

With increased awareness about the health benefits of yoga even celebrities and sports stars have started performing yoga for improving flexibility, increasing strength and to slow down aging.

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