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Gravity Manifestation Program Review – Does Luke Bernard & Ed Kerrington’s Program Work?

gravity manifestation programA lot of people attend workshops and seminars that teach the concept of law of attraction and how to get the things they desire and want in life by using law of attraction techniques.

However, a lot of people who have tried this concept feel that simply following the law of attraction does not really deliver the desired results.

Even many of the experts with good knowledge about manifestation techniques say that some additional steps are required for getting success, but many of the courses do not teach these additional steps.

Luke Bernard, a normal person based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, struggled for many years doing hard work but with very little results.

Like many others, he too attended many seminars and workshops that promised to teach techniques that would transform his life, but nothing really changed for him until he met Ed Kerrington.

Ed Kerrington shared with Luke Bernard the real technique called the Gravitation thinking method. After Luke Bernard and many others got success in several areas of life like money, relationships, work, health and others, now the same techniques are available for others in the form of an eBook called the Gravity Manifestation Program.

According to Luke Bernard, by using this program for just a few minutes a day it is possible to unlock the secrets of the universe.

It seems it is possible to pull whatever a person desires or wants by simply pointing the minds gravitation field in the right direction and choosing the appropriate visual thinking exercise.

Some of the users of the Gravity Manifestation Program claim that this program is like having the ‘Cheat Sheet’ for life. It seems it is possible to experience a level of success that a person would not have imagined in his life.

With such tall claims and heaps of testimonials, we were forced to take a closer look at this program and find out more details for our blog visitors.

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What Exactly Is The Gravity Manifestation Program?

This is an information eBook that provides all the steps for pointing the minds gravitation field so that it is able to capture all of the things that a person desires.

It seems this eBook provides step by step instructions for performing the visual thinking exercises that help a person to get all the things that he desires in life.

This program has four major categories under which all of the things in life have been categorized. These are material wealth, stronger relationships, greater health and spiritual connection.

The Gravity Manifestation Program guide provides mind exercises for each of the four categories. If a person desires things from multiple categories, then he or she needs to perform the mind exercises for multiple categories by transitioning from one to another in a smooth fashion.

What Is Unique About This Program?

According to Luke Bernard, most programs teach that the mind and thoughts emit energy and therefore when a person tells the universe about his or her wants and desires, the person achieves the wants and desires.

It seems it is not enough to just tell the universe about the wants and desires. The key is to set the minds gravitation field to attract the things a person wants and desires.

This unique missing part is delivered by the Gravity Manifestation Program in the form of visual thinking exercises.

It seems these exercises have got nothing to do with meditation. A person need not be a Zen guru to perform these exercises.

Pros Of This Program?

  • This is a simple eBook that provides all the instructions for performing simple visual thinking exercises. No prior meditation or yoga experience is required for perfecting these exercises. One will just have to spend a few minutes each day for doing these exercises.
  • No special equipment is required for these visual exercises. You just need a calm and quite place to sit and perform the exercises with closed eyes.
  • It does not matter whether you want a tangible or intangible item. As soon as you picture the things you want they become real, measurable energy within the minds gravity field.
  • You can manifest anything and everything like good health, love, romance, work promotion, mental peace and anything else.
  • More than 14,000 people have used the visual exercises taught in this program and have achieved the desired results.
  • This program comes with 60 day money back guarantee so that unsatisfied customers get a chance to have a refund of their money.


  • To master the techniques in this program one will have to read the eBook and understand all the visual thinking exercises before the start performing them.
  • Although this is a simple program to manifest the things you want, but it still requires your time and energy. Unless you perform the mind exercises for various categories of things you want, nothing is going to happen.

Gravity Manifestation Program Review Conclusions

Luke Bernard and Ed Kerrington have produced a good information guide that provides information about law of attraction and the missing second part that is critical for manifesting wants and desires.

Results from this program will depend on how well a person understands the concepts and implements them. Therefore some individuals may get very good results while others may not get any results at all. Not everyone is going to get mind blowing results.

Those who follow the guide and implement the steps to perfection, do have a chance of learning the techniques for manifesting and achieving their wants and desires.

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