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Girlfriend On Demand Review – Do Psychological Tricks Work?

girlfriend on demand ebookIf you have never been the type of guy women are attracted to, but want to date a woman you like, then there’s new e-Book in the marketplace called Girlfriend On Demand by Ian Marks that helps you to do this.

According to Mark, by using the tricks in Girlfriend On Demand e-Book you will be able to make the woman you want to BEG you to be your girlfriend and actually have her think that it was her idea.

It seems there is a psychological trick that triggers one tiny change in her brain, activating her primal mating instinct, and making her so obsessed with you, so loyal to you, and so irresistibly turned on by you that she will desperately want to be your perfect girlfriend.

Further Mark says that the psychological tricks will work even if she thinks that you are not her type or if she has rejected you in the past or you are overweight or even if you think that she is out of your league.

These claims by Mark are very tall and bold and that is why we decided to find out more about this program.

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What Exactly Is Girlfriend On Demand Program?

  • This program teaches you how to use one simple, easy psychological trick that will instantly force any woman’s brain to sexually select you. She will be obsessed about being your girlfriend. In fact she will beg you for another date.
  • This trick works even if she insisted for long that you are just friends.
  • You’ll learn about a secret 2-inch change in your body language that will simply translate into a tiny change in a woman’s brain.
  • You will also come to know about how to avoid the don’t call me I will call you back problem.
  • You will discover how to use the secret of “loading” your words in order to get maximum sexual attraction and obsession.
  • You will understand how to use simple “double checks” so that she will instantly want to date you.
  • You will discover the truth behind why woman date assholes that 99% of men completely misunderstand.
  • You will discover how to use the trick of her “mating instinct” to make any woman your loyal and faithful girlfriend.
  • And much More

What Do You Get When You Buy This Program?

The main product is Girlfriend On Demand e-Book. Along with the main e-Book Mark is also offering couple of bonus products:

  • Bonus 1: Magic Mind Reading – You will understand what she wants and when she wants you. You will also come to know of the hidden signs that she is interested in having sex with you.
  • Bonus 2: Make Her Make The First Move – You will find a foolproof technique that will make her take the first step. This way you can avoid the embarrassment of rejection.

Pros Girlfriend On Demand Program

  • Girlfriend On Demand e-Book is easy to read and follow. Both novice and experienced people can benefit from reading and implementing the tricks given in this e-Book.
  • Once you implement the tricks given in this e-Book your love life will improve and she will be attracted to you at a primal level.
  • Since this system targets hardwired biology and psychology that all women share and therefore the psychological tricks will work with all women.
  • The tricks given in this eBook will work even if you are old because when you make a woman sexually select you, her brain will actually create “excuses” as to why she likes you so much.
  • The tricks given in this program will work even if you are not all that attractive or overweight or don’t measure up physically because sexual selection is programmed into women by nature.
  • Most importantly it is a tested blueprint backed by female psychology. It has been proven to work for countless other men already and therefore there is no reason why it will not work with you.


  • Some of the psychological tricks given in this e-Book can be used in a negative way to ruin a woman’s life. Therefore one needs to use this e-Book carefully with no negative motives.
  • This e-Book has to be read, understood and then the techniques have to be implemented to get results. If you are looking for a quick fix then this e-Book may not be for you.

Girlfriend On Demand Review Conclusions

Based on several testimonials and the research we did, this e-Book does offer some good psychological tricks to make a girl chase you and beg you to become your girlfriend.

Relationship management is a complex subject and results may vary from person to person.

Men who read and implement the techniques given in Girlfriend On Demand e-Book definitely have a chance to make the women they want, to BEG them to be their girlfriend.

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