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Get Girls From Home Review – Do JT Tran’s Techniques Work?

get girls from home ebookIf you’ve been struggling to attract girls and get them into your bed, then there is some good news for you. Now you don’t have to dress up and go to night bars and clubs to get the dream girl of your choice.  JT Tran has come out with a new guide called Get Girls From Home that claims to teach you secret techniques for getting your dream girl into your bed using online dating.

JT Tran or The Asian Playboy, is a dating coach and pickup artist and also the dating advice columnist for LA Weekly and Baller Magazine.

As per JT Tran, you can meet, seduce and bring women to bed, all from the comfort of your home. You’ll learn the exact steps to confidently chat up with a woman without the fear of rejection or humiliation. Further it seems you’ll become the ultimate online chick magnet with women begging to know you better.

These are tall claims and that’s why we decided to do this detailed review of this product for you.

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What Is Unique About Get Girls From Home Program?

  • According to JT Tran, with the Get Girls From Home system you will be using chat, messaging and texting for attracting hot women online and there is zero chance of failing. And since you are not face to face with her, all the nervousness you have communicating with her evaporates.
  • Further it seems this system works no matter if you are broke, short, fat, bald or possess absolutely zero sense of humor.
  • The program offers you ready made template openers that have been tested to work time and again. You can just use them by doing a copy and paste. Even if you make a mistake when composing the message you can delete and start again.
  • In a night club you will have loud pounding music and alpha males lurking at every corner under pressure, the chances of making a mistake can be quite high.
  • However with texting and messaging you can take your own time to plan the move, without any pressure and ultimately win.
  • Of course all this will not happen overnight. Its going to take you some time to learn, practice and master the techniques. But within 2 weeks you can expect to see steady transformation and start getting mind blowing results.

What Are Some Of The Important Techniques You’ll Learn From Get Girls From Home?

  • The L.A.Y Formula when used correctly will make to irresistible to women online.
  • The Panty Remover Approach once mastered removes all possibility of rejection by a woman.
  • Drop The F Bomb will make her think about you even before she meets you just by looking at your online profile.
  • The Text Seduction Technique – you’ll learn how to use texting as your very own secret emotional & sexual remote control
  • The TNA Trap which when said makes any woman unconsciously think about you and magnetically attracted to you by just looking at your profile
  • Learn To Identify A Woman’s Invisible Desire – find out how to approach any woman online and know exactly what to say to her in order to send her into a sexual overdrive, making her want to talk to you and be with you
  • You’ll learn to master the science behind female psychology and understand her thinking process.
  • You’ll learn the techniques to get her to see you as a dominant male the type she’s been craving for all this while.
  • You’ll learn how to apply 6 elements of attraction to your online profile in order to elevate your social eligibility instantly.
  • You’ll learn that one little dirty trick that will double or even triple your matches online.
  • You’ll learn about how to avoid that dreaded emotion that could utterly destroy your chances with her.

In the bonus module of Get Girls From Home you’ll also learn the following:

  • How to create instant attraction the moment she lays eyes on you.
    The 3 step seduction routines that will make her connect with you despite how you look.
  • vocal x with this technique you will be able to use voice and words to control her emotions, relaxing her, turning her on and making her extremely happy.
  • You’ll learn how kissing is done properly. Once you learn this she will be begging you for more.
  • You’ll learn the only way to touch her and leave her longing for more.
  • And many more underground techniques are there in Get Girls From Home…

Pros Of This Program?

  • The Get Girls From Home eBook gives you dating tips to attract how women online from the comfort of your home using messaging and texting.
  • Because you use texting and messaging the chances of making mistakes in the communication process is almost zero. And therefore chances of failure are also almost zero.
  • Any average person can use the techniques in this eBook. You don’t need to be rich, or have great looks or dress up great to use this system.
  • Product is offered with 60 day money back guarantee and therefore you can try this product out without any risk whatsoever.


  • You’ll need online messaging or texting to make use of this system.
  • You’ll have to learn, practice and master the techniques given in this eBook before you start seeing results.

Get Girls From Home Review Conclusions

Get Girls From Home program provides all the techniques for meeting, seducing and bringing women to the bed all from the comfort of your home.

The techniques in this program have to be practiced and master before you start seeing amazing results. Those who don’t want to learn, practice and master the techniques give in this eBook should not waste their money.

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