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Free Power Secrets Review – Does Reggie Hamel’s System Work?

free power secrets guideIf you are looking for a way to cut down your gasoline expenses and still be able to use your car or truck to go around the town as much as you want then there’s some good news for you.

Reggie Hamel has come out with a system called the Free Power Secrets that allows you to build your own home made distillery to produce alcohol as fuel for your car, truck or even a generator. The Free Power Secrets system uses items that may already be there in your refrigerator or trash can or your backyard for generating alternate fuel.

According to Reggie, by using the Free Power Secrets you’ll be able to save more than $1500 in gasoline expenses every year. This is because you’ll be able to power your car for less than 70 cents a gallon by making use of items found in your own home. It seems more than 35,219 Americans are already using this system to generate their own alternate fuel.

Reggie Hamel was employed as a scientist at one of the largest chemical processing plants in the United States. Based on his knowledge about chemical processing and the eagerness to find an alternate inexpensive source of fuel for his vehicle, he was able to come up with this unique system.

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What Exactly Is The Free Power Secrets System?

This is a step by step guide that shows you everything that you need to know to run your car, truck, tractor or any other motor on homemade alcohol in less than a week’s time.

It seems the construction of this system is very simple and can be done even if don’t know how to hammer a nail properly. And even if you are old and cannot bend or kneel for long. You don’t even have to know how your car runs or anything about chemical reactions.

Along with the guide you also get over the shoulder videos that make the process of constructing the mini distillery very simple. It seems you’ll be able to build the whole system in less than two hours in a space that is just about the size of a bathtub.

According to Reggie, the parts required to build your mini distillery can be purchased from a local hardware shop or a junkyard. In fact some of these parts may be already there with you in your backyard, storage or garage shed. Even if you purchase brand new parts to build the mini distillery you will not have to spend more than $170.

Apart from the construction, you’ll also come to know how to create your fuel. You’ll get a list of organic materials that can be quickly converted into fuel. You’ll watch Reggie doing it so that you know how exactly the process works.

What Are the Pros of this system?

  • You get access to a step by step free power secrets guide and video tutorials that allow you to make your own fuel for less than 70 cents a gallon.
  • You’ll be able to do this irrespective of your age, physical condition and ability or know how and become independent from the clutches of big oil companies.
  • You’ll be getting building plans, materials list and illustrated blueprints. This will make the process of construction of the system extremely easy.
  • You’ll not have to make any modifications to your vehicle because almost all engines can easily run on alcohol.
  • The method given in free power system is totally safe there are no dangerous fuels, fumes or flames that you have to worry about.
  • To keep this home distillery running there is very little time or maintenance that is required. You will just need to spend 5 minutes a day to add things like rotten apples or grass and greens to your converter. And then once a month you’ll have to do a 20 minute checkup.
  • You can sell the excess fuel that you generate to others and make some money also.
  • This option will be much cheaper than readymade distilleries that cost $3000 and take up a lot of space or a hydrogen powered vehicle that costs $40000 or a Telsa that costs $50000 or even a battery run car that requires frequent charging.
  • You just have to follow the step by step instructions to create your own evergreen, low maintenance and low cost alternate fuel source.


  1. Although the process of building your own mini distillery and generation of alcohol is easy, but it would still require some effort and time initially.
  2. With the rising cost of gasoline, the cost of raw materials like rotten apples and vegetables is also going to go up. Therefore the production price of 70 cents per gallon of alcohol will also go up.
  3. Growing plants, vegetables and fruits is not easy in case you’re required to do that sometime in the future.

Free Power Secrets Review Conclusions

Based on our research we found that Reggie Hamel’s Free Power Secrets guide and the accompanying videos do offer a simple way to build a mini distillery for less than $170 in order to produce alcohol to power cars, trucks and tractors.

Although the system is simple and easy to implement, it may not be easy for everyone to do this, especially if you don’t get the raw materials for alcohol production regularly. Therefore results may vary from case to case.

That being said, people who can follow the steps in the guide and the videos definitely do have a chance of building their own mini distillery producing alcohol as alternate fuel for powering their cars and motors.

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