Friday , 6 March 2020

Facts About Chronic Back Pain That You Should Know

chronic low back painIf you’ve been suffering from chronic back pain then you must have tried a lot of techniques and methods to get rid of back pain. I’m sure you would have spent some money also for all these treatments. But the truth is that most of these treatments do not produce any results. The purpose of this article is to give you some tips that can possibly give you some pain relief.

Insomnia And Chronic Back Pain

A research study conducted recently indicated that many people who suffer from back pain also suffer from sleep disorder. With sleep disorder the person feels more pain and discomfort thus disturbing normal day to day life. So if you are unable to get sleep properly you should address this problem immediately by consulting a specialist.

Workplace Issues

Another common reason for chronic back pain is the conditions at the workplace.

If your job involves sitting in a chair and working on a computer for long durations of time then this can lead to back problems. Sitting in one position for long duration puts a lot of pressure on the spinal discs and muscles.

Another thing is that people slouch while sitting in a chair for long durations and this can easily overstretch the spinal ligaments and disturb the spinal discs leading to further aggravation of the back problem.

Those who are involved in labor intensive jobs like lifting heavy objects, pulling, climbing, pivoting, pushing etc. are prone to developing back pain. However by using proper techniques for the labor intensive jobs it is possible to prevent the problem. Follow proper standard operating procedures for these jobs or consult an expert who can guide you well for undertaking labor intensive jobs.

Depression And Chronic Back Pain

It is a well-known fact that chronic back pain can often lead to depression in a person. People tend to think that when the pain goes away depression will also disappear. However many a times the pain will take a long time to go away or may not go away completely at all. Therefore leaving depression untreated for this reason is not the correct approach.

The prime reason for depression during back pain is because the person is unable to enjoy his favorite activities like swimming, playing golf, bowling, playing tennis, rope climbing, trekking etc.

Also remember that depression, insomnia and back pain can exist together creating the worst experience for the sufferer.

It is important that you discuss the problem of depression with your doctor so that you don’t worsen the condition of your back.

Chronic back pain can have a major negative impact in a person’s life. The pain along with other problems like insomnia and depression can at times lead to mood disorders and mental health problems. The important thing is to correct the problem at the early stages to avoid complexities.

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