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eFormula Evolution Review

eFormula evolution programIf you are looking to start an eCommerce website but are unsure how to get started then there is some good news for you. Steve Clayton, Tim Godfrey and Aidan Booth have come out with a new program called eFormula Evolution.

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey are well known in the internet marketing world because of several quality products like Commission Blueprint, niche blueprint, niche blueprint 2.0, The Blueprint Project Black Edition, eFormula, eFormula Plus etc.

According to Steve Clayton, eFormula Evolution comprises of videos and PDF documents that teach you everything about eCommerce from start to finish. It seems the course starts by explaining the basics of eCommerce with special focus on drop shipping method.

The advantage of drop shipping method lies in the fact that you don’t have to hold any inventory of the product, instead you identify a manufacturer who accepts your order and fulfills it by drop shipping it on your behalf.

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What Will You Learn in eFormula Evolution Program?

In this program you’ll learn all the basic of eCommerce plus how to select niche products that are profitable to sell online, keyword research, how to find manufacturers that support drop shipping, setting up an online storefront, populating the store with products, how to advertise your online store, paid advertisements etc.

It seems each of the modules have extensive videos that explain everything in detail. And then you’ll also receive training in live seminars. Along with the training you will also get software tools that will help in setting up your online eCommerce store.

The most important thing about eFormula Evolution course is the fact that you can get one on one advice from the team about your particular eStore and marketing plan throughout the course.

Details Of Some Of The Tools In This Program

Keyword Blaze – This tool allows you to search for niche keywords that are profitable for an eCommerce store.

eCom Product finder – The random brainstorming tool allows you to search for products to sell through your online store.

Shopping Cart Software – This software can be easily uploaded to your web-host so that customers who make a purchase are provided with a shopping cart.

CrowdForce – This software helps in identifying traffic sources for your eCommerce store. After identifying traffic sources you’ll be able to drive interested buyers / customers to your online store.

Trust Seals – Online business is all about building trust with your buyers. Trust Seals allow you to establish trust and credibility for your eStore.

Backlink Tools – With backlink tools you will be able to build backlinks to your online store so that your website starts ranking in the search engines for some of the niche keywords. This will help in bringing search engine traffic to your site.

PPC Tools – These tools provide training about setting up and optimizing pay per click traffic to your website.

Pros of eFormula Evolution Program

  • This course provides an excellent opportunity for both beginners and experienced people to learn about setting up and running an eCommerce store with Amazon and Drop Shipping method.
  • The course offers quick start webinars for beginners and also advanced webinar series.
  • The step by step videos show you how to take a $1000 or $2000 business to a 6 figure business per month.
  • The training modules teach you how to take a drop shipping eCommerce business and ramp it with Amazon and also vice versa.
  • The suite of software tools make it extremely easy to setup and promote an online eCommerce business.


  • In the online world your eCommerce store will be competing with big brand names like Amazon, Walmart, GAP, Symantec and Home Depot. It will take some time and effort to establish credibly and get sales.
  • As with all online business, you will need traffic to your web store in order to make sales. Other than organic search traffic, you will have to master paid traffic methods and spend some money in order to get traffic and sales.
  • Although online business can grow much faster than brick and mortar but still it will take some time to grow your eCommerce business. Nothing is going to happen overnight.

eFormula Evolution Review Conclusions

The eFormula Evolution course by Steve Clayton, Tim Godfrey and Aidan Booth appears to be providing some value to both beginners and experienced people who are interested in setting up a new online eCommerce store or ramping up an existing business.

Success of any online business depends on three critical factors – content (product), traffic and conversions. And this course provides information on all the three key areas.

Those who learn the techniques given in this course and implement them properly definitely do stand a chance of making it big in the online eCommerce space.

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