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Diabetes 60 System Review – Does Dr. Ryan Shelton’s System Work?

diabetes 60 system main guideWould it not be nice if you could reverse your type 2 diabetes in as little as 50 days without following a diabetic diet plan and without starving yourself?

According to Dr. Ryan Shelton, the developer of Diabetes 60 system, it is now possible to do this by following his proven treatment method that has been developed by a team of medical researchers and doctors.

It seems the Diabetes 60 system has already helped thousands of type 2 diabetics to reverse the condition in less than two months.

Further, Dr. Ryan Shelton claims that his breakthrough treatment will help you to get rid of insulin injections, constant finger pricks, test strips and prescription drugs. You will be able to stop neuropathic pain, cut down the risk of leg amputation, and improve your vision.

It seems this 100% effective treatment is based on real scientific evidence and there are thousands of real world success stories already. And more importantly it is backed fully by real doctors.

These are tall claims that we could not believe straight away and that’s why we decided to find out more details about this system and present the same in the Diabetes 60 system review.

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What Is The Diabetes 60 System All About?

This is actually an information product available in the form of a PDF eBook and also video format that helps type 2 diabetics to reverse the problem by following an easy to implement high intensity interval training (HIIT).

This system has been created by Dr. Ryan Shelton who is a doctor and has been practicing for more than 12 years.

According to Dr. Ryan Shelton this is a 100% natural and safe treatment method that just requires a diabetic person to spend 60 seconds a day to implement the treatment.

Once a person implements the short and simple HIIT movements regularly it can help in reducing blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, increase weight loss, lower blood pressure levels, regulate cholesterol levels and improve general health.

The effectiveness of high intensity interval training for diabetes has been mentioned in several research studies published in the Journal of Diabetes.

One of the published studies has clearly indicated that high intensity interval training reduces blood glucose far better than moderate intensity, tedious and time consuming exercise.

It seems HIIT recruits a more number of muscle fibers than any other exercise and this results in rapid depletion of muscle glycogen levels which in turn improves the muscle insulin sensitivity.

Performing HIIT for several weeks has proven to reduce body fat, much more than any other form of exercise. And reducing body fat is critical for reducing the effects and risks of type 2 diabetes.

What Do You Get When You Purchase Diabetes 60 System?

  • The Main guide is a PDF manual that provides you step by step instructions to perform the body movements correctly. You will also come to know as to why a particular exercise works and research information about the same.

    Included in the main guide is the 8 week protocol that provides you the weekly / daily details of which HIIT movements to perform, for what duration to perform and how many times to perform. By following the 8 week protocol you can expect to get the same results as thousands of others have got.
  • Along with the main guide is the Diabetes 60 system video collection. This collection demonstrates all the 25 movements that are recommended in this program.

    The video demonstration has been dome by qualified instructor so that the demo is 100% accurate. In case a particular movement is not clear to you the first time then you can always rewind the video and view it again.

In order to help diabetics with other relevant information, Dr. Ryan Shelton has added couple of bonus products to this package.

  • The first bonus is a recipe collection that has 500 delicious and nutritious recipes that are suitable for diabetics. This recipe collection will help you in preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the next 50 days when you implement this program. You don’t have to search for recipes that are suitable for diabetic patients.
  • The second bonus product included in the package is the health tracker software. This software will help you to monitor and track progress as you follow and implement the program over the next 2 months.

    To use this software you will have to input details like blood sugar reading, blood pressure reading, body weight and other such measurements.

    As you keep doing the HIIT movements over the next several weeks, the software will analyze the details you input and give you a pictorial chart of the progress you are making.

These are the main items that are included in the diabetes 60 system package. If you need more information on this product then you can visit the official website.

Before we provide our concluding remarks about this product it is important that we take a quick look at the pros and cons of this system.


  • One of the best things about this system is that it is based on physical activity or HIIT movement and not based on diet. Therefore anyone can attempt to follow this system by spending 10 to 15 minutes each day. Even people who have a busy schedule can try and implement this system from home, office or any other place.
  • The Diabetes 60 system has been created by a professional doctor with more than 12 years experience. The treatment is science based approach that helps people to not just take control of their weight and shape but also blood sugar and diabetes.
  • In a study at the School of Life Sciences at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, researchers found that even short bursts of high intensity interval training (HIIT) movements can help in regulating insulin sensitivity, reversing type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, kick-start the pancreas , and transforming the health and life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe
  • Several hundred tests revealed the benefits of this system in the form of improved vision, improved energy levels, improved circulation and cardiovascular function, complete correction of neuropathy, weight reductions of as much as 27 pounds in two months, reduced blood pressure levels and much more.
  • This system can be implemented by anyone, no matter if you are 50, 60 or 70 years old, no matter what your weight is, no matter how bad your diabetes is and even if your doctor has termed your case as hopeless.
  • You won’t need needles, finger pricking or test strips anymore. You won’t have to buy medicines every now and then. Most importantly you will reduce the risk of health problems like heart disease, hypertension, stroke, nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure, hearing loss, lower limb amputation.
  • This system comes with 60 days money back guarantee and therefore you can always get a refund of your money in case you are unhappy with the product.


  • Although the method provided in this program has been found to be effective for reversing diabetes, but it is definitely not a substitute for proper medical attention provided by a doctor.

    Pre diabetics and those suffering from type 2 diabetes should definitely take proper medical advice and use this information product as additional help.
  • HIIT exercises have been there for a long time. Ftness experts, athletes, coaches and other sportsperson have been using this exercise since a long time. Generic information about HIIT is freely available on the internet. Dr. Ryan Shelton and team have only selected some of the HIIT movements that are beneficial for diabetics and customized it accordingly.
  • Since this is a digital product you will not have a printed copy of the eBook or a physical DVD containing the videos. You will be using an internet connection to download the guidebook and videos on to your PC / laptop or smartphone.

Diabetes 60 System Review Conclusions

Dr. Ryan Shelton has definitely created a good information product that can help diabetics to follow a HIIT exercise method to reverse Type 2 diabetes.

However you need to recognize the fact that diabetes is a complex health problem that can impact heart, eyes, legs, kidney liver and several other organs of the body.

Therefore it is important that you get proper medical attention for this problem from a qualified doctor as the first line of treatment.

This information guide from Dr. Ryan Shelton should be used as additional method to reverse diabetes rather than the first line of treatment.

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