Thursday , 22 February 2018

7 Tips To Get A Guy To Like You

If you are keen to date a guy and really want to get a guy to like you, then this article could be of help to you. Men are not as complicated as they have been made out to be. You just need to understand them better in order to establish a fruitful relationship.get a guy to you like

Be Simple And Uncomplicated

Men like girls who are simple and uncomplicated. Of course, you don’t need to act like a dumb for this. Don’t play mind games with him and give an impression that you are tough to handle. The moment a guys gets the feeling that you are too much trouble it may become difficult to get him to like you.

Be Your Real Self

You just need to be your real self. You don’t have to act or do anything that is unnatural. If you’re not good at something, but want to do it just to please him, then just avoid it. If you try to fake it, he is going to see through it. Simplicity is the best way to please him and get his attention.

Make Him Laugh

A good way to attract a person and make him fall in love with you is to make him laugh and spread happiness around him. Happiness can bring a positive mood change resulting in him being more open with you.

Be Confident And Use Your Brain

You need to be confident when you are dating him. If you are good at sports then let him know your views about the current sporting events and activities. Speak about what you want to and not about what he would like to hear. Having your own views and adding value to a conversation will surely help in making him feel that you are confident and intelligent.

Let Him Know Your Hobbies

If you have some hobbies then share the details with him. This will help in establishing you as a dynamic person who has varied interests. Every man wants to date someone who is dynamic and can be an asset to the relationship.

Appearance Is Important

You may have heard many people saying that appearance is not all that important if he really likes you. But let me tell you that appearance does make a difference. Dress well and appear good when you are going out for shopping or for watching a movie with him. This does not mean that you need to visit a beauty salon every time you are planning to go out.get the guy you like

Don’t Hesitate To Make The First Move

Again this advice is different from what you may have heard from others. You don’t have to wait for him to make the first move. If you like him then go ahead and make the first move.

Don’t waste a lot of time just to be noticed by him. Be aggressive and make the first move. Many men like ladies who are bold and aggressive.
Men are not all that different in terms of feelings when it comes to liking someone. He may want you to like him just like you want to get a guy to like you.

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