Thursday , 5 March 2020

7 Tips To Boost Your Immune System

boost immune systemIf you want to remain healthy and prevent diseases from making you sick, then you need to boost your immune system. This is important because many research studies have indicated that the human body has the capability to fight some real tough diseases and this can only happen with a strong immune system

Here are some simple tips to achieve the same:

1. Make sure to have some lean protein included in every meal you eat. Foods that are high in protein content contain immune boosting nutrients. Soybeans, beans, oysters, crab, lean beef, almonds, cashew nuts etc. are considered to be good source of proteins.

2. Have lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits like orange, grapefruit, papaya etc. have vitamin C that is helpful to boost your immune system. If you eat a variety of green vegetables every day you will get all the nutrients that are required to fight diseases.

3. Exercises and physical activity is another important activity to keep your immune system in an alert condition. Brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes each day can help in improved circulation of white blood cells in the body. This in turn will help your body detect illness fast.

There are many other simple exercises like cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, aerobics etc. that can provide you the much needed physical activity. If you are in a desk job then make sure to take a stroll once in a while instead of sitting in the same position all day. Move around and get some fresh air.

4. Research studies have indicated that vitamin D helps in boosting the immune response. A good source of vitamin D is sunlight. Just spend a few minutes outside in the sunlight to get your daily quota of vitamin D. There’s no need to stay for very long and get sun burns. If need be, go and meet your doctor and find out a supplement that can help in boosting vitamin D levels in your body.

5. Limit your consumption of alcohol. A drink or two per day may not be harmful. However many studies have indicated that excessive drinking is harmful to the immune system cells. This will make your body vulnerable to infections. You will be at a higher risk of getting cold and and health

6. One of the best ways to boost your immune system is reducing stress. This is something that all of us know. Simple activities like dancing, playing with your dog, aerobics, doing yoga exercises, meditation, visualization exercises etc. can really help in reducing stress levels.

7. For cooking purposes olive oil and canola oil have been found to be beneficial. It seems these oils contain fats that act as lubricants for the cells. This in turn improves the flexibility and communication between the cells leading to a boost in the immune function. One important factor to keep in mind with cooking oil and fats is than omega 3- fats should be higher than omega 6 fats. As per research, people who consume more omega 6’s compared to omega 3’s are at a higher risk of inflammation and immune system problems.

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