Thursday , 5 March 2020

7 Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

eye exercisesIn the last couple of decades there has been an increase in the number of people who wear glasses and contact lenses for improving vision. This is mainly because of working on the computer for long periods of time at office and home, watching television, extensive use of hand held devices for reading and writing emails etc.

What we tend to forget is the fact that you need eye exercises to improve your vision very much like you need physical exercises to keep your body in shape and lose weight.

Most people assume that eyesight will deteriorate with age and the only way out is glasses and contact lenses. However it need not be this way if you do some very basic exercises to keep your eyes healthy.

Unfortunately even eye doctors and optometrist do not talk about the need for eye exercises to improve your vision because most of them will lose 90% of their business if only they spoke about eye exercises for correcting vision problems.

If you talk to people who wear glasses and contact lenses, most of them will tell you that their vision has only deteriorated due to glasses. And over a period of time you will need to upgrade your glasses with more powerful lenses in order to maintain good vision.

If you are serious about improving your vision naturally then here are some eye exercises to improve your vision:

Blinking Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

Most users of computers and television do not blink much while working on a computer or watching TV. This is because they are totally focused. However if you can just blink in between for 2-3 seconds then it can be very beneficial. Blinking helps to keep eyes fresh and discharge old information and be ready for new information. This in turn helps to reduce the strain on your eyes. Try it out for 2 minutes by blinking intermittently and you will feel the change.

Palming For Relaxation

To do this exercises use both your hands, palm to palm and rub them briskly to generate some heat. Now close your eyes and place the palms over your eyes and let the eye muscles relax. Do this exercise whenever you find time during the day.

Figure Of Eight Exercises

Just image a big figure of 8 in front of you, about 10 feet away from you. Now imagine turning the 8 on its side and start tracing the figure in one direction first. Subsequently trace the figure of 8 in the other direction. Try this out for a few minutes each day and you will be able to exercises the eye muscles and make them more flexible also.


Another great exercise is to sit in front of bright light or exposing your eyes to sunlight. Close your eyes and let them enjoy the brightness and warmth of bright light / sunlight. You can do this exercise by alternating between the two eyes one after the other by rotating your head slightly. After doing this exercise a few times you should experience improved vision.


Before going to sleep you can massage your eye lids with the help of your fingers by gently rubbing them in a circular fashion. This will help in relaxing the eye muscles.

Focus Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

The idea of this exercise is to focus on a nearby object like say your thumb for about 30 seconds and then focusing on an object that is 10 to 20 feet away from you for 30 seconds. This is an effective eye exercises to improve your vision and also strengthen the eye muscles over time.

Remove Dryness And Cool Your Eyes

This is a very simple exercise where you will dip a cotton ball in chilled water and then place it over your eyes for few minutes. Doing this exercise a few times will remove the dryness in your eyes and also give you a cooling effect.

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