Thursday , 5 March 2020

5 Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body

The facilities and amenities that we have today surely make life comfortable and easy. However in the fast paced modern world there is competition for everything and this brings stress and tension for people. Many people suffer from ailments like hypertension, anxiety, panic attacks and high blood pressure. All this is because of the high levels of toxins that enter the body through polluted air and food that we eat. The only way to get rid of these toxins is to detox the body using natural methods.

Having a fiber rich food is an excellent way to get rid of toxins and waste. Fiber rich food helps in proper bowel movements, thus avoid bloating and constipation. Fiber in the food absorbs water and stimulates production of stress fighting hormones. Fiber also helps in keeping the fluid levels inside the body at a normal level. There many fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber and antioxidants that helps in eliminating free radicals inside the body.high fiber foods

Another natural way to detoxify your body is by using aromatherapy. This consists of natural compounds and essential oil extracts that help in calming and soothing the nerves. You can have bath in water that contains aromatic oils and thus reduce stress levels. These aromatic oils contain extracts of olive, almond, jojoba and other such ingredients that are known for anti-stress properties.

If you drink a lot of tea then switching to herbal tea is an excellent way to detox your body. Many herbal teas contain antioxidants that help in stimulating the production of natural antioxidants inside the body. And antioxidants help in controlling free radicals by stopping or limiting the oxidation process. Herbal tea also has anti inflammatory properties that are beneficial for the human body. Many body rejuvenation treatments make use of herbal tea to detoxify the body.

Deep breathing and yoga exercises in another excellent way to detox the body. Yoga asana help in proper circulation of oxygen to all the parts of the body. With proper oxygen supply to all the cells, the body functions at optimum levels thus helping in removal of waste and toxins in a timely manner. Since oxygen is the lifeline of our body, performing deep breathing yoga exercises has long term health benefits if performed regularly.herbal tea

Hydrotherapy in known to be a good way to distress and detoxify the body. You can do this by taking a hot water shower for 5 minutes followed by cold water shower for 30 seconds. You may repeat this process 3-4 times. After performing this you should get into bed for about 30 minutes. This combination of hot and cold water improves blood circulation and thus facilitates stress reduction and toxin removal.

It is best to try of out one or two techniques mentioned above at any point of time to access the impact. Finding out what works well for you and then utilizing the technique as a natural way of life is the best way to reap the benefits. While these techniques definitely do work, but if you want more comprehensive information then you should definitely check – Total Wellness Cleanse.

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