Thursday , 22 February 2018

5 Natural Treatments For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks then it is better to seek a remedy for this problem. Actually there are several safe and effective natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks that you can try without any serious side effects.anxiety and panic attacks symptoms

1. Many scientific studies have indicated that the herb Kava is one of the best natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks. It seems this herb contains an ingredient called kava lactones that helps in boosting the GABA levels and also prevent over secretion of certain hormones that lead to anxiety.

When you take Kava herb based treatment then it is recommended by doctors that you should not be taking any other medication for controlling anxiety because this can results in drowsiness and other potential side effects. Kava is also available in form of tea to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

2. Another good herb that helps in soothing panic attacks is Ginseng. Chinese have been using it for a long time as a nerve tonic. This herb is known to alleviate stress and nervous conditions like anxiety. There are several Ginseng based products available in an herbal store that can be used for controlling your panic disorder.

3. A popular herb that is native to Europe and Asia, but grown in most part of the world is Valerian. This is considered to be an effective herb for controlling panic attacks and anxiety.  Valerian is used as anti anxiety treatment and also for treating insomnia.  This herb is considered safe with no side effects. It is best to have Valerian based anti anxiety medication at night before you sleep.

4. Passion flower is one more excellent flower that can be used for treating anxiety disorder. The anti depressant properties of this flower make it useful for controlling anxiety attacks. Passion flower is available in the form of tea thus making it easy for you make use of this flower effectively.

5. One more effective treatment for anxiety and panic attacks is aromatherapy. This treatment helps to alleviate stressful feelings that often lead to panic attacks. Aromatherapy products are available in several forms like perfumes and oils. For example you can mix lavender oil in water and use it as a spray. Alternately you can use aromatic oils for body masscognitive behavior therapyage.

Natural remedies have been in use for treating several ailments for many centuries now. In the good old days when there were no prescription medicines, natural remedy was the only option available.

You can easily get relief from stressful conditions and prevent anxiety and panic attacks by using a natural treatment method. If you are suffering from mild anxiety then surely natural remedies can help you to control the problem

These natural treatments along with other scientific treatment options like cognitive behavior therapy is known to be effective even for people who have more severe panic attacks.

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