Thursday , 5 March 2020

3 Girls A Day Review – Do Todd Valentine’s Techniques Work?

3 girls a day programAre you struggling to secure more dates and find a girlfriend online? You are not the only one who is struggling with online dating. Thousands of men fail to get a response from girls online in spite of creating the best online profile with all the required details.

According to dating expert Todd Valentine, you will have to exhibit an alpha male personality in your profile pictures, messages, texts and descriptions so that a girl is unable to stop herself from wanting to get to know you more.

And it seems these are the exact secrets that Todd Valentine is teaching in his new course called 3 Girls A Day. Further he says that you will be able to attract the most beautiful girls (8 or above) online even if you’ve had no luck all these years, even if you have no skills with women and even if you don’t have good & super charming looks.

It seems the 3 Girls A Day Program is designed to teach by example. With each new technique that is taught in the program you will also get several concrete real world examples of it in action. You can actually swipe and use conversation starters, specific lines, cocky funny witticisms, funny jokes and more.

Further Todd claims that this is an easy to follow system for mastering online dating where you will learn real dating technology that gets real results fast. This info is normally used by pickup artists who are so called ‘ladies men’.

Since this type of solid information may be of interest to lots of men, we decided to find all the details about this system and present to our blog visitors.

What Exactly Is The 3 Girls A Day Program?

  • This is an information product that teaches you battle tested online dating secrets that you can use to attract hot women straight away. You’ll get access to secrets of top pickup masters about attraction and female psychology.
  • According to Todd, you can go from zero to 3 dates a day by following the techniques and system in this program. It seems by following this system you will be able to bypass the logical brain of a girl and speak directly to her emotional brain and then turn her on an instinctually primal level.
  • By following the techniques in this program you will be turned into a guy that girls cannot afford to ignore or play games with. You will be able to turn her on to such an extent that she will be actively texting you and asking you to meet up again and again.

What Are Some Of The Key Techniques You Will Learn?

  • You will learn to write clever profile headlines that attract the attention of online girls instantly even if you are usually not her type.
  • You will discover the #1 rule for writing dating site profile.
  • You will learn about 3 key indicators that will let you know if your profile is actually portraying your personality and attracting the beautiful girls that you want to be with.
  • You will learn to make a girl laugh using online messages and text.
  • You will find out regarding the biggest mistakes that men commit with women that lead to almost 90% rejection.
  • You will learn what to do if a girl does not respond to your messages midway through an interaction.
  • You will discover the best time to text message a girl without appearing needy but without losing the opportunity also.
  • You will learn the secrets to ask her out without risking rejection.
  • You will find out when to call a girl and when to not call after you have got her number.
  • How to get the first and the second date without giving up your power and without appearing needy.
  • The best places to take a girl on date. This is based on experience of dates that work well and can actually lead to sex.
  • 4 things your conversation starter should have when you are attracting a super-hot girl or a total 10.
  • And much more…

Pros Of This Program

  • This is an easy to follow dating program that you can implement from home using an internet connection. You don’t have to visit bars and night clubs to date girls.
  • The steps given in this program work for men of all age and ethnicity. It works even if you are short in height, have average looks, and even if you failed to attract women in the past.
  • You get access to 9 hours of video content and 3 girls a day reference guide that has all the secrets, lines and examples from the main videos.
  • Along with the main course you will get 2 bonus products. The first bonus is called ‘3 Recorded Phone Conversations‘ that illustrates and cements the key concepts into your brain. The second bonus is called ‘Hot Girl Perspectives‘ that provides a hot girl’s perspective about online dating and what she expects from a man.
  • This program is backed by 60 day money back guarantee.


  • The one major drawback of this program is the fact that many of the techniques in this program are only for online dating. Men who don’t have access to online dating sites would get disappointed with this program.

3 Girls A Day Review Conclusions

Based on our research and the testimonials for this program it appears that Todd Valentine has put together a decent dating product for men.

Success with dating depends on many factors and therefore just buying this program does not guarantee any success.

Those who buy this program and implement the online dating techniques taught in the program do have a better chance of dating a woman.

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