Friday , 15 May 2020

Benefits of Blog And Blogging

Blogs generally use a fixed template for creating pages, posts, comments etc. This fixed template is easy for newbies to start blogging quickly. A normal website that does not use a blog template can be structured and designed in numerous ways and this make it difficult for a person who is just starting to build a website.

For new comers the blog platform offers numerous templates to choose from and many of the templates are free.

Blogging allows a person to join a community of bloggers and thus gain knowledge and also share information with and blogging

There are existing blogs on varied topics like sports, wedding, politics, social networking, cooking, dancing and many other topics and therefore a new blogger can get information and inspiration from such blogs. These blogs would also provide ideas about building and structuring a new blog in a particular topic.

Blogs can also be used to advertise your work or make a pitch about the product and services you offer to customers. This is an excellent way to create brand awareness and increase visibility of your weblog.

Educational organizations now use the blogging platform to share slides and online lessons for the students. In fact there are many sites where you can enroll for a course and take the lessons online without having to travel.

Some of the blogging platforms like wordpress and Drupal offer a lot of flexibility. You can find tools and plugins for doing many things that would otherwise require hiring a programmer.

If you are on a tight budget you can get started with blogging using some of the free sites like and These sites offer fully functional websites that are totally free. However you have to stick to their terms of service. Violation of the same can easily lead to deletion of your free website.

Once you have blog you can go about promoting your blog by participating and commenting on other relevant blogs. This will help you in getting targeted visitors to your website and help in making your weblog popular.

If you create good quality content on a consistent basis you can easily get a lot of visitors interactive writingto your site and soon your website can become popular in for the topic that you write about. In fact if you write on varied topics you may start ranking for many keywords on the search engines and may get lots of visitors.

To have good communication with the visitors to your site you should have a comment form enabled along with spam protection. Another option is to add an email subscriber box to your website by using a third party email service provider or a self-hosted email system.

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